Dante’s Influence on Art: Dante and the Three Kingdoms

18 Oct

Renaissance Art

Domenico Di Michelino of Florence, was born in 1417. He attended schoool in Florentine where he was an Italian painter and worked for awhile as a carpentar. He normally painted biblical scenes in similar style of Fra Angelico, whom he also worked as an assisstant for.

Michelino’s most famous piece of art is located inside the Santa Maria del Fiore church in Florence. This painting is called Dante and the Three Kingdoms. Domenico was famous for his work with dreamlike, fantasy worlds, hence maybe why he decided to paint the Christian after world. Painted during the early Renaissance in 1465, Domenico became famous for his work reflecting the Divine Comedy.

Dante and the Three Kingdoms depicts Dante Aligheri surrounded by the three regions of afterlife included in the Divine Comedy. To the right of Dante is the City of Florence, here you can see the church of Florence in which the actual painting is located. Florence here is depicted as the Heavenly City. On the left of Dante is the Inferno, or otherwise Hell. This section of the picture illustrates the sinners making their way down to Hell, haunted by demons. At the bottom of Hell you can actually see Satan as if he is in flames, which is how Dante described him in his story. Directly behind Dante is Purgatory and Paradise. Purgatory is more detailed in that you can see the seven different levels of sinners as they carry out their punishments, for examply carrying bolders. The seven levels of purgatory represent the seven deadly sins.  At the very top of Purgatory is Paradise which is represented by Adam at Eve on the top.

Great pieces of literature bring together ideas and people and last with strong influence through out time. The Divine Comedy has lasted beyond Medieval literature and has influenced far beyond Renaissance art. His story has created an era of art, where everyone illustrates Dante’s visions on Christian afterlife. He perhaps made a few artist famous. When researching Domenico di Michelino the only information that was really able to be found was on this painting. There was not even much on himself as an artist. He did not create much art at all, but was included as one of the leading artist of his time.

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One response to “Dante’s Influence on Art: Dante and the Three Kingdoms

  1. Hank Hawkeye

    June 24, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Dante actually depicted Satan as frozen in ice up to his breast. 100 years later and the artist is showing Satan in fire. Interesting .


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