George Orwell and 1984: the future has been predicted

06 Apr

In “1984” George Orwell predicted the future.  In his novel, there was no privacy.  In 2011, there is no privacy.  Nothing is secret.  Everything, including your thoughts, is known.  Technology makes this possible. When does one actually have privacy?

Take Google for example.  They know you, your computer history, personal information, and your private e-mails.  We think we are able to erase things we do not want anyone to see, but actually we don’t.  People still have our information.  Google will not give up what they know about us.

The internet knows so much about us!  Therefore anyone can get our information so easily.  The internet allows us to do many things, but it keeps tabs on us as well and just about everything reveals our private information:  blogs, websites (facebook, twitter), just browsing, etc.  Anyone can get our information, including the government and even your neighbor.  So how do people get our private information?   People can get it by marketing, from the government, court records, and even employers.  Technology is such a useful thing, but it also deceives us.

This is just what happened in Orwell’s “1984.”  The government was checking in on people with their technology.  They read your mind and watched your every move.  If you did something that wasn’t acceptable, like plotting against the government (Winston), then they catch you and you’re punished.  In today’s government, if you do something suspicious or write something “unacceptable” on the internet, then there will be consequences by the government.












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