Denise Levertov

26 May

Denise Levertov was born in 1923 in Ilford Essex England.  She was educated entirely at home and decided she wanted to be an author around the age of 5.  At age 12, Levertov sent some of her poetry to T.S. Eliot who sent her an encouraging letter.  After she was married, her and her husband moved to America where she became a U.S. citizen in 1956.  When Denise Levertov was 74 in 1997, she died of complications of lymphoma. 


After I had cut off my hands

and grown new ones

something my former hands had longed for

came and asked to be rocked.

After my plucked out eyes

had withered, and new ones grown

something my former eyes had wept for

came asking to be pitied.

I chose this poem because it is very interesting.  I like how it is odd in the metaphors she uses.  What stands out the most is the words she uses, such as,  plucked out, withered, and longed for.  This poem is about  giving up too soon.  Her hands wanted something to come along but just before it did her hands were cut off.  The point of this poem is to inspire people to hold on because what they desperately want is just around the corner. 

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