Harry Potter

16 Sep

Harry Potter is a fictional character in a series of books written by J.K Rowlings. Harry is a smart, brave, young man that will do anything in his power to save his new found wizard world. In the series he overcomes many challenges to ultimately defeat Voldemort, the killer of his parents.

The Mundane World

We are first introduced to Harry as an ten year old orphan living under the staircase at his aunt and uncle’s house. His past was hidden from him in the hopes that Harry could grow and live a normal life. This is all disrupted the day a man named Hagrid walked into the Dursley home. Hagrid, the keeper of keys at Hogwarts, came to tell Harry of his past and take him to study more into wizardry.

Crossing The Threshold

With the help of Hagrid, Harry begins to shop for “school supplies.” He is taken into the wizard world to buy his very first wand and his pet that would help him throughout his journey. To get to his new school it is required that you take a train but this is no ordinary train. To get to it you must first walk through a portal called platform 9 3/4. This is a platform only wizards know about and muggles are not allowed. On his train ride he meets the two people that will help him the most on his dangerous journey, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

The Call To Adventure

Harry is already a well known name throughout the wizard world but does not find out about his journey until he gets to Hogwarts. He finds out that as a baby he witnessed the killing of his parents and learns he was almost murdered himself. He is the only person to ever survive and attack from the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. He comes to the realization that he is the only person that can fight and survive an attack from Voldemort.


Harry put to the test his first year at Hogwarts. Voldemort is in search of the Philosopher’s Stone which will give him eternal life and Harry succeeds in stopping him. His second year at Hogwarts Ron’s sister, Ginny, finds a diary which happens to be Voldemort’s from his days at Hogwarts. It is through this that she is possessed and helps in opening the Chamber of Secrets. After this is opened a monster begins to attack students at school. Harry must then enter the Chamber and defeat the basilisk ultimately overcoming Voldemort again. In the fourth book Harry must overcome being entered into the Triwizard competition, competing against other great wizards for the title of champion. Voldemort uses this competition to bring Harry to him but Harry escapes once again. Harry begins to tell everyone about Voldemorts return and nobody believes him. Fighting, Harry is almost expeled for using underage magic and must overcome this also. This is another strike of his enemy Voldemort. In the last book Harry finds out about the horcruxes, the only things that can help him kill Voldemort. He must find all seven to defeat him once and for all. This is a journey all on its own. The final twist that Rowlings throws at her readers is that Harry, himself, must die to kill Voldemort.


Harry dying was a shocking part in the series but the resurrection was even more amazing. He is killed in the fight and turns the whole book around by waking up and unexpectedly fighting Voldemort to the finish. Harry comes out victorious and saves Hogwarts once and for all.

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