Miss Representation Review

22 Mar

Miss Representation was a great way to show the downfalls that the media causes toward young women.  While watching, I could not help to think about how people in today’s society think that is how every women in the world should dress, and act.  The documentary also backs up the video with evidence from researchers, and the well-educated to prove to the watcher that it is a major problem in the world today.  The only problem I found with the documentary is there was a bias to it, as the people that were backing up the theories, and telling the stories were well educated women.  Today, it affects all women and it would have been better to include the different classes of women in backing up the data, and telling their own personal stories.

Miss Representation focused mainly on the effects that the media puts into the minds of young women.  Since many of the girls that it happens to are so young, they are unable to block out the media and instantly think they are not good enough for anyone since they do not look like the greatly altered model on the cover of the magazine.  With this problem, many of them go to self-objectifying themselves which eventually lead to mental and physical issues as they are trying their best to look exactly like the models in movies, and on television.  In movies, a great amount of the time they misrepresent how women are human just like men, not objects.  It shows the men overpowering the women, making them do exactly what the men want them to do, and it rubs off onto the men, and the women in society allowing them to think that what is happening in the movies are exactly how it should be in today’s society.  Overall, media is the greatest problem in making women objective themselves to be something that is just impossible to make happen.

Miss Representation, not only shows how the media objectify the women, but they also explain how they use great bias in making women feel horrible about something that is impossible to achieve.  In media, it is always about how pretty she is, and how well does she please the women, and when in reality it just should not be that way.  This is the great media bias that has been used for such a long time, and it needs to go away as it is affecting so many young girls lives that do not deserve to go through it.  According to the documentary, it is one of the greatest American issues, and it is never going to change unless the community wants to end the content bias.  If media would change the way they showed women, unaltered and exactly how they look, it would greatly impact the ways young girls look at themselves today for the betterment of their mental, and physical health.  Media would also have to change the way the men treat women.  It is horrible to watch a movie, or even the clips that were shown throughout the documentary, and know that it is not just happening in the movies, but it is rolling over to the real world.  Since media is known to play the biggest role in the views against feminism, it makes sense why they would try, and find all the incorrect stereotypes about when and put it into their movies just to make possibly an extra dollar.

I do believe Miss Representation did a great job getting out how media creates many problems for the young women that live in our society today.  The more they went into depth with the conversations throughout the documentary, it really made me open my eyes to the evils that media plays in our society.  Why does media create great problems, and criticize many others, just to make a couple dollars, while they do not even look at all the hurt they are doing to the youth that is soon coming into the business world.  If they would show it how it really is in the world today, I believe they would still be able to make just as much money as of right now, and they will keep many young girls from going through the greatest problems with their mental and physical health.  Miss Representation also gave great support to all the claims that they were stating by backing it up with the cold hard evidence.  When hearing some of the numbers that they were giving, it was way higher than I would have ever thought it would have been.  It’s very crazy to think of all the hardships women have to go through because of the media.  Since men are susceptible to media also, it teaches them to treat women exactly how they see it in the movies, which is not correct at all, and should never be like that.  Sadly, the only way to correct all the problems in the world involving the way women are shown in media, is to limitate what they can put out there, which is not lawful, according to the 1st Amendment

The only thing that I did not like about Miss Representation is they did not interview, or get the side of the story that was from the other classes of women.  It only gave the watcher the ideas of the well educated on the topic, as I would have liked to see both the educated side, and the everyday person right of the street who has had to go through the horrible setting that the media put on to her.  If they would have done that, I would have even more knowledge on how bad it could really get between every single class in the society.  Only seeing one side of the story makes me think, that it maybe better or worse than what the educated is saying.  It would also have been nice to get some personal stories of women who have went through the hardships, or possibly still are, and see how they are coping with it.  It would have made Miss Representation much better in getting to know all of the miserable effects that the media are causing, and allowing the watcher to figure out what they could do to possibly make it just a little bit better throughout the whole world.

Miss Representation was overall one of the greatest ways to show how media greatly affects the young women in the society today.  It’s horrible to think about how the media causes so many problems for the young women out there, rather it be mental or physical problems.  They did a great job in backing up almost all of their theories and ideas with great evidence from actual society, and studies.  Although they did a great job backing up evidence, I would have liked to see stories, and the beliefs of the everyday people on what they think is the problem, along with their solutions.

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