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Hercules is the son of Zeus and the strongest man on Earth, he had great self confidence and considered himself equal to the rest of the gods. As Hercules grew up he became a famed warrior and was looked up to by many. While Hercules was a famed warrior Hera, Zeus’s wife was very jealous of him and made Hercules temporarily insane which made Hercules kill his wife and children. Hercules was punished by having to perform 12 nearly impossible tasks.

The Journey

His first task was to kill the Nemean Lion. When he faced this challenge he found out that no sharp object could pierce the lions hide. So Hercules instead stunned the lion by hitting it with his wooden club then strangled the lion with his bare hands. At the end of this task Hercules took the claws of the lion and skinned him and wore his hide. For the second task Hercules had to kill the Lernean Hydra. The Hydra is like a snake and has 9 heads. If the Hydra lost a head it would two more in its place so Hercules quickly cut off all nine heads and sealed the wound with a torch. At the end of task two Hercules used the blood of the Hydra to make poisonous arrows. Hercules third task was to capture the Cerynian Hind. The deer was protected by the goddess Artemis and Hercules needed the golden hind so Hercules followed the deer around for a year until the deer shed its golden hind and Hercules had then completed the third task. His fourth task was to capture the Erymanthian Boar. Hercules chased the boar up the mountain and into a snowdrift, and then caught it with a net. He took the boar to King Eurysthues to show that their village didn’t need to live in fear of the boar anymore. Hercules fifth task was to clean the Augean stables in one single day. The stables had been used for cows and had not been cleaned in 30 years. To clean the stables Hercules made two rivers bend together to flow into the dirty stables and clean out of mess. Hercules sixth task was to kill the Stymphalian birds. These birds were murderous with their claws and beaks that were as sharp as metal and their feathers that flew like darts. Hercules killed these birds by scaring them out of their nests and shooting them with his arrows that he dipped in the Hydra’s blood. His seventh task was to capture the Cretan bull. He did so by wrestling the insane bull to the ground and then he brought it back to the king who then released it again. His eighth task was to capture the horses of Diomedes. To capture the horses Hercules needed to fed the horses to tame them and he did that by killing King Diomedes. Once the horses were tamed he took them back to his king. Hercules ninth task was to take the Girdle of the Amazon Queen Hippolyte. Hercules traveled to the land of Amazon’s and when he got there he was welcomed by the Queen but Hera told the Queen that Hercules was the enemy and he later had to conquer the Amazon’s and steal the golden belt. Hercules tenth task was to capture the cattle of Geryon. Geryon was a winged monster that kept his cattle guarded by a two-headed dog and a giant. Hercules killed Geryon, the two-headed dog and the giant to get to the cattle that he took back to the king after killing everyone. His eleventh task was to take the golden apples of the Hesperides. Hesperides were nymphs that grew golden apples and they had their apples guarded by a dragon with a hundred heads. Hercules used to strategic skills and made a bargain with Atlas, the nymphs’ father; Atlas was to get the apples while Hercules shouldered the Earth. Hercules twelfth and final task was to capture Cerberus. Cerberus is the three-headed dog of the underworld. Hercules went down to the underworld and wrestled up the dogs’ heads and made Cerberus go back up to the king.

After he completed all twelve tasks Hercules went on to live his life he eventually married and had another child and later died after being poisoned by his wife.

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Don Quixote: an unlikely epic hero

Don Quixote

Mundane World

Alonso Quijano is an estate owner in La Mancha, who spends all his time reading stories of chivalry. He goes crazy and one day snaps.


The Call to Adventure

The Call to Adventure begins when he changes his name to Don Quixote. He decides to become an actual knight, like the ones he reads about. He ventures forth to all by himself on Rocnante a weak old horse, wearing his hand-me-down armor. In every knight tale, the hero saves the fair lady. At this point, he seems a little mentally unstable, so he decides to choose a peasant girl he’s never spoken to.


Crossing the Threshold

He crosses the threshold when he sets on his first adventure, where he injuries some innocent mule drivers. An important element of the hero’s journey is into the threshold is meeting allies, friends, and helpers. He convinces a poor married farmer with kids named Sancho Panzce to become his squire.


Path of Trials

They set out on a quest to perform good deeds and write wrongs, but end up wreaking havoc and getting beat up. Don Quixote is captured out in the mountains, naked and taken back to civilization in a crate. (He’s released in town). A university student seeks out Don and Sancho after reading about them in a book. Before he can track them down squire and master run off on another delusional adventure. Don sets off to find his lady, like a true knight would. On the way they meet a Duke and Duchess who devise cruel practical jokes on Don. Some include a magical lady that needs Sancho to spank his own bare bottom 3,300 times to free her and cursed bearded ladies. While they are being played Samson tracks them down.

Master of 2 Worlds

Don Quixote doesn’t really become the master of two worlds. Samson Carrasco challenges him and wins, forcing Don Quixote to reality. He feels like a failure and returns home to reinvent himself as a pastoral shepherd. He soon becomes deathly ill and ironically returns to sanity. On his deathbed he reclaims his former name.

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Jason and the Argonauts, Epic Hero

Argonautica Is about the ship Argo, its leader Jason, and their search for the golden fleece.

What makes Jason an epic hero?

The epic poem, Argonautica, begins in a mundane world where the most interesting thing going on in Jason’s life is his search for his other sandal. This does however become a more serious problem because of a prophecy stating that Pelius’s downfall will be caused by a man wearing one sandal.

Next , he is called to adventure when Heracles elects Jason as leader of the ship Argo. Everybody gets drunk, celebrates, and argues.

He then crosses the threshold when they make it to the first port, Lemnos, a land fully occupied by women who killed their husbands. Jason has a weakness for women making this a difficult start.

List of Jason’s trials-
faces savage men with 6 arms each
looses three crewmen at the river cius
meets the ghost of Sthenelus
fights fire breathing oxen

Finally, he becomes the master of both worlds by winning the golden fleece.

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The Faerie Queene

Redcrosse, an Epic Hero

The character Redcrosse, the knight of holiness, in The Faerie Queene by Sir Edmund Spenser, is the epic hero of his story.  He comes from “Faerie Land.”  Redcrosse fights evil as an individual knight.  He finds out that he is from the mortal world and was stolen as a child.  This character has one major flaw, which is his pride, that he has to overcome in order to succeed.

The Mundane World

Redcrosse, the knight of holiness, lived in the mortal world as a mortal king’s son before a faerie stole him and brought him to “Faerie Land.”  It was believed that Redcrosse was destined to become a great saint.  He is told by Contiplation that his true name is George and that he will be Saint George of England.
The Call to Adventure

The faerie queene, Gloriana, gives Redcrosse a task to travel to a kingdom to kill the dragon that traps Una’s parents.  The knight is to take Una and a servant dwarf on his quest to aid him along the way.  He is also to be united with Una once he rescues the king and queen.

Crossing the Threshold

Redcrosse sets out to Una’s mother and father’s kingdom, expecting to easily defeat the dragon and return.  He soon finds himself in a world of sorcerers, sprites, giants, and witches.

The Path of Trials

Redcrosse has many challenges to overcome throughout his journey.  While seeking shelter for the night, Redcrosse is attacked by Error and her young.  Fleeing the cave, the trio is invited into an inn to stay, where Archimago, a sorcerer in disguise, creates an illusion that upsets Redcrosse and causes him to leave Una.  He comes across a knight and kills him, taking his lady, Duessa.  Duessa is a witch disguised and takes him to The House of Pride where his dwarf servant discover a dungeon full of dead bodies that were too overcome with pride to leave the house.  Redcrosse leaves and Duessa follows; as they are talking, a giant attacks the knight.  The monstrous giant takes Duessa as his lover and traps Redcrosse in his dungeon.  Una hears this from the dwarf and comes across King Arthur, whom she tells of the entrapment of her knight.  King Arthur defeats the giant and exposes Duessa for her who she really is.  Redcrosse is almost defeated when he comes upon Despair.  Una saves him and takes him to the House of Holiness where he is healed.  Finally, Redcrosse battles the dragon and after being near death and healed twice, defeats the monstrous beast, freeing the king, queen, and their people.

Master of Two Worlds

Redcrosse has finally completed his quest and has overcome his pride, transforming into a humble hero.  Una’s father agrees that Una will marry the knight when his duty to the Faerie Queene is up.  Redcrosse has to return to his queen, but will come back to wed Una and become the leader of her people.

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Carl Grimes, Epic Hero

Carl Grimes is an ordinary kid, until two things change his life forever. First his father goes into a coma, and then, months later, the world as we know it comes to an abrupt end as a result of a zombie apocalypse. He is no longer just another member of the next generation, but a member of the new generation, the first to come of age in a dangerous world fighting to survive both the dead and each other.
The Mundane world
Carl is but a child with seven years under his belt. He goes to school, and probably hates it like all kids. His home is not lavish, but it is nice and like all other kids has plenty of toys to play with, but it doesn’t stay that way.
Call to Arms
With his father still in a coma the apocalypse spreads worldwide. There’s almost nothing left anywhere. Due to the promise of military protection he flees with his mother, Lori, and his dad’s partner, Shane, to the capital of Georgia, Atlanta. What they find is not what they hoped, Atlanta had become just another “Walker” infested city. His father eventually wakes from his coma and seeks them out and presents Carl, against his mother’s wishes because he’s still only seven years old, with a Weapon and his policemen’s cowboy hat. The three become inseparable, because Carl sleeps holding his hat and his weapon is always close by.
Tried and Tested
This new world is a dangerous one. Along with the outside threats of Walkers and thugs, Carl and ultimately the group have to deal with living with each other. The friendship between Rick and Shane hits a mood point. Shane is shot and killed by Carl when he attempts to kill Rick with a rifle. This is not the only time Carl pulls his weapon on a member of the group, when Hershel points a shotgun at his father’s head; Carl out of raw instinct draws his pistol on Hershel.  Ben, Carl’s friend, is mentally ill and unstable. After killing a member of the group and believing he’d done nothing wrong, Carl kills him because he understands that rehabilitation takes up resources, if you’re bad for the group your cased out, or in Ben’s case killed.
Outsiders and walkers affect Carl more than any of the members of the group he’d killed or watched his father and the others kill. Carl is shot and severely injured and is thrown into a mini coma if you will. His mother Lori and half sister Judith are gunned down during the invasion of Woodbury. His father suffers a gunshot wound to the chest and the loss of a hand. He and his father are caught alone away from the group, with the wound now infected taking its toll on Rick, Carl defends his father by killing three walkers point blank. After finding refuge in a house Rick collapses. Believing that his father is dead he goes to shot him in the head, but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger on his own dad. Rick doesn’t die, but it is just another on the growing list of trials that Carl faces.
The world lives on

As the world turns, Carl will feel his way into adolescence, and eventually adulthood. Although he has matured greatly because of his experiences, he is still in a way just a kid. Later on we may see him assume his father’s position as leader of the group, but time will only tell. As the old world is forgotten, the new one has at least some hope, so long as the children can be strong like Carl and live to eventually continue it or destroy it even more.

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Huckleberry Finn, Epic Hero

Huckleberry Finn fits many of the characteristics of an epic hero. He takes off on a quest for something of great value, faces villains who try to keep him from his quest,  and was born a human birth therefore possesses human weaknesses.On the other hand Huck also does not fit a few of the characteristics of an epic hero. He is just a boy not a larger than life hero representing a society or its beliefs. Also just being a young naive boy he is not superhuman nor smarter or more clever than an everyday person.Overall Hucks journey does represent that of an epic and the challenges he must overcome make him in most eyes an epic hero.

Huck’s journey starts off due to an abusive father who is only looking over Huck for the money that he has came into. His father possesses greed and selfishness making him one of the so called villains hindering him. His journey consists of him all by himself and an escaped slave making thier way down the river on a makeshift raft. If looking at Huckleberry finn from a religious point of view Jim, the escaped slave, could be seen as the divine world or gods watching over Huck making sure he completes journey safely. Huck does use his ability to be clever as an epic hero must do and was able to fake his own death to escape his abusive father. Without his ability to use his imagination and think of little clever things throughout his journey him making it back home would of been an inevitability. The Duke and the king could be seen as the antagonist of the story making them the villains of the story. They are jerks and thieves and almost leave Huck and Jim stranded forcing Huck to once again think of a way to save themselves.

Huck is certainly portrayed as a brave and cunning boy. No one else of his age would dare think of taking off on an adventure of this stature. His ability to survive and adapt does make what he did a bit superhuman for a boy of his time, although most of what he does is not impossible. Yet for a young boy to make it down a huge river with only the help of slave does make him a bit superhuman and make his journey comparable to that of Odysseus’s.

The last Characteristic of an epic hero that Huck fits is also one of the most important, he returns home a from his journey changed. From the beginning Huck is seen as a young immature boy who just likes to use his imagination, but when he returns to his aunts its a totally different story. In the end Huck is portrayed much more intelligent and smarter in the ways of the world. He seems as though he is not scared of anything. His morals are even changed from his journey making his beliefs in what is right and wrong change. In the end Huck is finally not all alone and will finally have someone their for him, making his life a complete difference from the one that he started with.From all this its easy to see all the different reasons how Huckleberry Finn fits that of an epic and how he himself is an epic hero.

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