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Was Orwell Right About Future Life?

1. There have been many privacy issues recently, especially with large companies like Google.  Google introduced an application called Google Goggles not too long ago, that allows you to take a picture with a smart phone and search the internet for matches.  “The companies executives decided to exclude a facial-recognition feature, which they feared might be used to find personal information on people who did not know that they were being photographed,” read the article “Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You” by Steve Lohr.  Although Google decided against facial-recognition, other companies may come out with something similar and include it.  The fact that this is possible, is scary enough.  Google’s Street View service can also cause a privacy issue.  Some people don’t want their house to be viewed by others.  Also, while collecting images for Street View, WiFi signals could be intercepted, getting passwords, bank accounts, and other private information.

Many companies use current technology to manipulate the public’s opinion.  Websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Yahoo, ect. always have advertisements on them to try to persuade the public to buy products, or agree with something.  Advertisements also show up in emails, phone calls, mail, and newspapers.  An example of this from the article “Advertising Techniques” would be, “A TV commercial or print ad that promises to lower the risk of a heart attack with the drug Lipitor is using “problem / solution” or perhaps “fear” as the chief persuasive technique. In that context, the technique has persuasive energy with older citizens, those who are aware they are at risk of heart disease.” Advertisers can exaggerate the good aspects of a product, or minimize the risks of the same product.

2. From the article “University Attendance Scanner”, Rachel Brackett says that she doesn’t like hos the school could track where she is in a “Big Brother way.” She feels as though college students shouldn’t have to be monitored as if they are still in high school.  By scanning an ID before every class, teachers and administrators are similar to Big Brother by knowing where students are at all times, and making sure that they are doing what they are supposed to.  Some companies are trying a new program to track facial expressions to see how the public people react to products, movie trailers, and full movies.  This is not unlike Big Brother from “1984” who watches everyone’s actions and expressions with telescreens.

3. These topics will have a considerably large impact on me.  I wasn’t aware of so many current privacy issues.  Before I apply for a job or to colleges, I will make sure that my Facebook and Twitter profiles are both private.  I will also be more careful in what I post on the internet, such as phone numbers, addresses, places of work, or where I go to school.

So, to answer the question ‘Was Orwell right about the future?’, I would say that, in a way, he was right.  Our society is basically being watched all the time, and persuaded by propaganda, by multiple companies and agencies.

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Desiderius Erasmus (October 28, 1466 – July 12, 1536)

Education: University of Turin, & Unversity of Paris.

He was an Humanist.


One who is concerned with the interests and welfare of humans.

What did he do:

  • Reformed weak churches
  • Translated Bibles into Greek
  • Was a well-known Priest

His Works:

  • Adagia
  • The Praise of Folly
  • New Testament (Translated it into Greek)
  • Enchiridion (Guide to Christian living)



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The Faerie Queene

Redcrosse, an Epic Hero

The character Redcrosse, the knight of holiness, in The Faerie Queene by Sir Edmund Spenser, is the epic hero of his story.  He comes from “Faerie Land.”  Redcrosse fights evil as an individual knight.  He finds out that he is from the mortal world and was stolen as a child.  This character has one major flaw, which is his pride, that he has to overcome in order to succeed.

The Mundane World

Redcrosse, the knight of holiness, lived in the mortal world as a mortal king’s son before a faerie stole him and brought him to “Faerie Land.”  It was believed that Redcrosse was destined to become a great saint.  He is told by Contiplation that his true name is George and that he will be Saint George of England.
The Call to Adventure

The faerie queene, Gloriana, gives Redcrosse a task to travel to a kingdom to kill the dragon that traps Una’s parents.  The knight is to take Una and a servant dwarf on his quest to aid him along the way.  He is also to be united with Una once he rescues the king and queen.

Crossing the Threshold

Redcrosse sets out to Una’s mother and father’s kingdom, expecting to easily defeat the dragon and return.  He soon finds himself in a world of sorcerers, sprites, giants, and witches.

The Path of Trials

Redcrosse has many challenges to overcome throughout his journey.  While seeking shelter for the night, Redcrosse is attacked by Error and her young.  Fleeing the cave, the trio is invited into an inn to stay, where Archimago, a sorcerer in disguise, creates an illusion that upsets Redcrosse and causes him to leave Una.  He comes across a knight and kills him, taking his lady, Duessa.  Duessa is a witch disguised and takes him to The House of Pride where his dwarf servant discover a dungeon full of dead bodies that were too overcome with pride to leave the house.  Redcrosse leaves and Duessa follows; as they are talking, a giant attacks the knight.  The monstrous giant takes Duessa as his lover and traps Redcrosse in his dungeon.  Una hears this from the dwarf and comes across King Arthur, whom she tells of the entrapment of her knight.  King Arthur defeats the giant and exposes Duessa for her who she really is.  Redcrosse is almost defeated when he comes upon Despair.  Una saves him and takes him to the House of Holiness where he is healed.  Finally, Redcrosse battles the dragon and after being near death and healed twice, defeats the monstrous beast, freeing the king, queen, and their people.

Master of Two Worlds

Redcrosse has finally completed his quest and has overcome his pride, transforming into a humble hero.  Una’s father agrees that Una will marry the knight when his duty to the Faerie Queene is up.  Redcrosse has to return to his queen, but will come back to wed Una and become the leader of her people.

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