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Down with Big Brother

1.Is there a big brother watching our every move? No, not every move, but yes our “moves” are being watched. While certain individuals are under a more watchful eye than others, such as prisioners, in the article readers are informed of technolohgy that “…tracked the play-acting prisoners, and artificial-intelligence software analyzed the images to recognize faces, gestures and patterns of group behavior. When two groups of inmates moved toward each other, the experimental computer system sent an alert — a text message — to a corrections officer that warned of a potential incident and gave the location(par 3)”. I believe that techonology such as this is a benifical tool for prisons to use. While watching every day citizens with the same amount of force is not necissary. On the other hand accroding to the article kids in pre school are having their evey moves tracked. This is not necissary! Orwell hypothesized that big borther would be watching every move that would be made. Although it is yet to reach the extreamity of 1984 America today is on the fast incline the becoming more and more under the watchful eye of big brother.

2. Is Google big brother? Have you forgot what you looked up online yesterday? Thats right Google didn’t. Accoring to the article There is a feature that can be turned on that will store eveything that has been searched. A harddrive of a computer stores everything that has been ever searched but google can do that just as easily with this application turned on. There is no such thing as safe or private information in 2012. While this application may not be turned on companies track the searchs you have done to monoter behaivor and even to know what type of ads to suggest to you. There is no safe information on the web. In 1984 the thought police would monotor thoughs of the people while the internet is much like the common day thought police. Everything looked into searched recorded even social media web pages is avaible for any and everyone to see what you post and do.

3. After reading posts I have become more aware on how the government is watching us. The cameras on phones can help someone find your location and personally meet you. Social media websites are making it more and more easy to fall victom. Placing your every thought and action to a website is inviting others right in while before there was not such a risk for people. To be honest knowing how much information is avaible about people how easy it is to find out everything about anyone is fighting to me. I was unaware how dangerous the web could be. Now that it has been brought to my attention i understand how important it is to protect the privacy of oneself. There is a big brother he is known as the world wide web and his power is vastly growing..

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Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

Thomas More was born in London on Feburary 7, 1478. He was educated at St. Anthony’s School. More went on to study at Oxford, during this time he wrote comedies and studied Greek and Latin literature. One of his first works was a English translation of a Latin biography of the Italian humanist Pico delia Mirandolo. It was printed in 1510. Thomas was torn between a monastic and life of civil service calling.He became a monk at Lincoln’s Inn. In 1504 More entered Parliament. In 1534 More refused to swear to the Act of Sucession and the Oath of Supremacy.

Act of Sucession-  the act set Princess Elizabeth first in line for the Englsih thrown

Oath of Supremacy- Recognizing King Henry VIII as supreme head of church of England.

Thomas more was committed to the tower of London April 17th. He was then found guily of treason( the crime of betraying ones country) and was beheaded on July 6, 1535. His final words were “The King’s good servant, but God’s first.” More was killed because he set aside the authority he was to follow because in his view it clashed with another authority that has a superior claim.

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Indiana Jones

Dr. Henry Indiana Jones is also known as Indy. He is a fictional archaeologist, professor and adventurer. His most well known trademarks are his bullwhip, leather jacket and the fear he has of snakes.  Indiana Jones is known for four movies in order; Raiders of the lost ark, (June 12, 1981) Temple of Doom, (May 23, 1984) The Last Crusade, (May 24, 1981) and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 22, 2008).  Max McCoy is the original author of the Indian Jones novels the movies are based off of.


The Call To Adventure

In Indiana Jones the Last Crusade Indiana is invited to lead a quest for the Holy- Grail. He turns this offer down, that is until, he finds out his father has gone missing and is an important part in the quest. Indiana has spent a lifetime of resenting this quest due to the amount of attention and time it had taken from his father. Once Indiana set out on the quest he must rely on his father’s journal and clues to lead him to the Holy- Grail.



The Path of Trials

Indiana Jones had to pass three test to get to the Holy-Grail.

first, he had to show that he was penitent and kneel before God doing this  to avoid getting his head cut off. Next, he had to show that he could avoid God’s wrath and spell God’s name in Latin on the floor. Indiana spelled the word incorrectly and he went through the floor. Indiana had to show faith in God and walk out on an invisible bridge. Last Indiana had to pick out the one and only true Grail to save his fathers life.

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“The Unknown Soldier”

1. Let me gaze upon this picture,
Whilst my lifeblood from me flows;
On these dear lov’d hadpy faces,
Ere in death my eyelids close.
Next to my heart I wore it—
Not millions could it buy;
Let me see my heart’s own treasures,
And kiss themn as I die.

2. Here upon the cold ground lying—
The earth my last  lone bed;
No kind friend to watch me dying—
Or know me when I’m dead.
A tender wife and mother,
Doth for my children care,
And nightly bending o’er them,
To God breathes forth her prayer.

3. That we all may meet together
In peace again once more;
That around the happy fireside
Kind Heav’n will me restore.
But I feel my pulse grows weaker;
My eyes— I scarce can see!
Still I recognize the features
Of my little boy— ’tis he!

4. My darling boys and loving daughter,
Let none their image tear
From this poor dying, bleeding heart,
Now offering up this prayer—
Oh, God! protect the mother
And these my orphans dear;
I die alone— none near me—
No one to shed a tear.

5. Some stranger hand will find me—
For me a grave prepare;
On my breast they’ll place this picture,
And say they found it there.
Let the Flag be wrapped around me—
The Stars and Stripes I love!
I die a Union soldier,
True as the heavens above.

6. The flowers will bloom as sweetly
O’er the unknown soldier’s grave,
With his heart’s loved idols near him,
And the Flag he died to save.
No stone will mark the spot
Of the stranger ’neath the sod,
Where so peacefully he slumbers,
Unknown— save to his God.

Death alone on the cold hard ground, died to save the flag, 
having no stone to mark the spot is what stood out to me in this poem. 
It was straight forward on showing the reality of the war.
A stranger to most but fighting for everyone. 
Most of the soldiers were not shown the respect they deserved.

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Kenyan “Loyalty Pledge”

I pledge my loyalty to the president and the nation of Kenya. My readiness and duty to defend the flag of our republic. My devotion to the words of our national anthem. My life and strength in the task of our nation’s building. In the living spirit embodied in our national motto – Harambee! And perpetuated in the Nyayo philosophy of peace love and unity

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