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Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880)

Lydia Child

Child was an educated women, at a nearby Medford public school, unlike most during this time. She broke the stereotypes by being an educated women writer. She was a young author at the age of 22. She wrote scandalous books too. Lydia Child supported minorities, which was some what uncommon in authors. Child started the first children magazine. She also wrote advice about house keeping, and other helpful things for military wives, and wives in general, during this time. Women during this time would follow the advice, found in her books, to break the traditional women rolls. 

She played a major role in the war by helping the slaves transition into their new free lives. She did this by writing a book called Freedmen’s Book. In this book she gave them advice and had stories from other influences that helped advise them too. She influenced slaves to read to others, so all could follow the advice. She did all of her work to send educational materials to slaves. However, her work never paid much and her husband’s schemes kept them in debt most of her life. 

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Experiencing Slavery

He felt he knew nothing,
All was new to him.

Waiting for something,
Important to them.

Knowledge withheld,
From a man with no known age.

The crying for help,
And the shrieks of pain

The hell of slavery,
The bloody scenes,

The broken soul
He had seen.

Owned by a master,
father was he?

but dead.

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Orwell’s predictions become more accurate as time passes!

1.) I have learned that a lot of people are being watched, and some don’t even realize it. This is completely violating peoples privacy. If your computer has a webcam you could be being watched as your reading this… scary to think about huh? The more advanced these technologies become the less privacy WE have. Even news channels, stations, and articles that they are writting are reporting these issues, “There is a widespread and growing danger allowing sexual predators inside your home. Criminals are using web cameras to spy on people.” an article and video shows that this issue is very dangerous and even a school is spying on a student…

This video again shows how webcams can be accessed with out your permission by someone you don’t even know in your own home!


2.) This topic relates to our novel in the sense that we are being watched through a camera, or telescreen as George calls it. “…he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever the wanted to” George Orwell’s 1984, Book One, Chapter One, Page 6. This quote shows how they are also being watched. However, it is non stop and they are aware that this is happening.hannah 1984 webcam:tellescreen


3.) This has already impacted me and will continue to impact me in the future. Just like anyone else I could be a target of these webcam hackers and can always be a target as long as I have an uncovered webcam. Like the article and video stated children are the main targets of these sexual predators hacking these web cameras. This could impact me just as easily as it could any other person with a webcam. This has scared me into doing as they talked about in the video and post-it noting my webcam so i don’t have to worry about these predators spying on me without me even knowing.



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Pieter Gillis (Peter Giles) 1486 –1533

A double portrait of Peter Gilles and his friend Erasmus. The painting was a gift to Thomas More. (Painted By: Massys)

Peter helped Thomas publish “Utopia”

A character in More’s Utopia, Peter Giles or Pieter Gillis as he was born, was a well known printer and humanist in Antwerp. He contributed the Utopian alphabet
As metioned above Peter was a Humanist which means he focused on

1.  Individual Worth:

2. Self Commitment:
“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.” Eleanor Roosevelt

3. Development of skills and talent

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The Epic Hero’s Journey in War and Peace

There are a few characters, in the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, that could be considered an epic hero, but only one takes on the epic hero journey. Pierre Bezukhov the son of a Russian high social class man was educated in a foreign country. Pierre then returns to Russia causing him to become very socially awkward.

The Mundane World:
Pierre’s journey starts off with him lonely. He is a misfit after returning to Russia being educated in a different part of the world. He never really has any friends, except his complete opposite Andrey, to turn to. This really gets to him, but all he wants to do is find himself just as Napoleon did.

The Call To Adventure:
Pierre is desperate to have people in his life that understand why he feels so highly about Napoleon. He feels he is a great military leader who is very sure of himself. At the same time he also wants to find himself. To show everyone who he truly is, and how powerful he can be.

Crossing The Threshold:
Pierre’s father passes. This leads Pierre to his inheritance money. People start to recognized him. They begin to acknowledge his wealth, but they make him believe that they recognize him for his personality, and not for his money. A man even throws the marriage of one of his daughters at Pierre. Even though Pierre loves Natasha he does not marry her because Helene is the much more beautiful one. So, he marries her.

The Path of Trials:
Pierre soon realizes that all Helene wants is the fashion and the social attention. So, to distract him from her love of his money and not of him he joins the Masons, similar to the military. Little does Pierre know that his wife is seeing another man. While honoring the Russian general Pierre is seated next to this man. This then leads to a injured Dolohov, the other man, and a once again lonely Pierre. Then, Napoleon sets out to pretty much destroy the city of Moscow. Andrey is already injured and is unable to help what little military they do have. Pierre is one of the very few men left. So, he sets up a plan, to kill Napoleon! This leads into building after building in the city being burnt. While trying to rescue people from the burning buildings Napoleon’s French army arrest Pierre. His plan to kill Napoleon is now destroyed. Watching Russian citizens being killed Pierre finally realizes the meaning to living is not about being known but being about your love for other human beings. After a long battle Napoleon and the rest of the army bail out because of their lack of supplies, taking the prisoners, Pierre and the others, with them. This withdraw leads to the loss of many of the French troops. Little does Pierre know that while he is being held he has lost his only friend Andrey, and Helene.

Master of Two Worlds:
During an attack on the French Pierre escapes and is finally free. He returns home and meets up with his one love, Natasha. They then get married and later even have children. Pierre is finally supported, but he has also found his meaning to life, a family life!

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