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The Sorrows of Werther

The Sorrows of Werther is loosely an autobiography by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. It was published in 17774 anonymously. It was revised and republished in 1787. ¨The novel coincided with what has come to be known as the Age of Sensibility, whose flames it helped to fan. it is an epistolary novel, told in Werther’s voice and from his perspective, and there is little in the way of plot. Charlotte, the oldest of six children, is left an orphan by the sudden death of her mother, and she marries the sensible, if somewhat plodding, Albert as a means of holding the family together. Onto the scene comes the young student Werther who is befriended by the couple but then falls passionately in love with Lotte. His infatuation progressively deepens to a point of desperation in which he commits suicide. The novel was said to be responsible for making suicide fashionable among the young men of Europe¨ (

How does the creature feel about The Sorrows of Werter?

¨The Sorrows of Werther, this book is basically about a man who had deep feelings for a woman but were never returned. She marries another wealthy man and Werther, unable to see his lover marrying another man, takes his own life. The monster feels an unrequited love from the villagers and even mankind. He weeps as Werter dies in the book. There aren’t any other characters that the monster can identify with in his life, only this fictional character that seems to share his pain¨ (

Themes of The Sorrows of Young Werther

  • Happiness – Despair is just around the corner from happiness. Werther states in a letter ¨Must is be so that whatever makes man happy must later become the source of his misery?¨
  • The Limits of Language- By appealing to the new, extremely subjective, anti-language of feeling, Goethe loses the precision of rational grammar and punctuation, but gains the power to express the irrational.
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The City of Antwerp

The Flag of Antwerp

Antwerp Medieval Castle:

Tour of Antwerp: 

Facts about Antwerp:

The Setting in Utopia:

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Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix

She offered her services as a nurse at the War Department after the attack in Baltimore. Dix was made Superintendent of the United States Army Nurses on June 10. She quickly and adeptly acquired medical supplies and selected and trained nurses to administer to DC hospitals. Dix was a strict captain, requiring that all of her nurses be over thirty, plain looking, and wear dull uniforms. She earned a reputation for being firm and inflexible, but ran an efficient and effective corps of nurses.

Battling the prevailing stereotypes-and accepting many of the common prejudices herself-Dix sought to ensure that her ranks not be inundated with flighty and marriage-minded young women by only accepting applicants who were plain looking and older than 30. In addition, Dix authorized a dress code of modest black or brown skirts and forbade hoops or jewelry.

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A Single Word from the White Men

A Single Word from the White Men

I suffered
I was deprived
A single word from the white men
I meant nothing
I was deprived
of the same privileges
A single word from the white men
I was deprived
Against all our wishes and prayers
A single word from the white men

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