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Colonal Mitchell (Mitch) Paige (USMC)

Definition of a war hero:  Someone who risks their life and or goes out of their way for a person or a group of people, especially if the person or group of people is unfamiliar to them.  It is someone who acts with great courage, for no purpose but to aid others, not for their own glory, recognition, or material gain, but an act of true selflessness even under enormous amounts of pain, pressure, no matter what the odds.

Born: August 31, 1918

Birthplace: Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Enlistment: Mitch enlisted on his eighteenth birthday in 1936 (originally tried to enlist at age 17 but was denied because he was to much of a young in ), he completed boot camp at Perry Island in South Carolina (one of the two Marine Corp Recruit Depot. the other is located in San Diego, California).

Paige participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal on October 26, 1942.  As a Platoon Sargent, only 24 at the time,Paige victoriously held his ground and defended his line while operating 4 machine guns at one time after all of his own platoon had been either killed or wounded in action, and he had a bayonet stabbed through his hand, as well as various wounds from flying shrapnel (flying pieces of bullets). He later led a counter attack made up of members of various battalions and companies against the Japanese and succeeded in driving them back.  Later, while still in Guadalcanal, he was promoted up the ranks and became a second lieutenant on December 19.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor on May 21,1943 in Balcombe, Australia. The Medal of Honor is the highest ranking award given by the US Military given only those who show bravery, courage, selflessness, and loyalty under pressure and go above and beyond their call of duty.  Often those who receive it are dead, because your life is basically what it takes to get one.  After he was awarded his medal he went on to serve the marines until he retired in the year 1959.  He won several other awards for his military services including the purple heart. He served in both WWII and the Korean War (which is still not officially over). He used to run a program after he retired that helped catch and penalize those who were wearing fraudulent copies of the Medal of Honor.  Paige died at his home in La Quinta, California at the ruddy old age of 85 on November 15, 2003, because of congestive heart failure. He is now buried at the Riverside National Cemetery, in Riverside,CA. There is a museum dedicated to him in 29 Palms, California (Guess what…Big shocker…its a marine base…yeah I know you didn’t see that one coming).

 ( Here Mitch is shown recieving his Medal of Honor)

Interesting facts

1. He has a GI Joe action figure of himself (how cool is that!)

2. He was the last surviving recipiant of the Medal of Honor from Guadalcanal

3. He published a book called “A Marine Named Mitch” in 1975 (quite a fitting title don’t you think?)

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Aesop’s Fables


What is a fable?

                         A fable is simply a story, usually of the short variety, that teaches its readers some sort of moral through its character’s actions and plot.

Who is Aesop?

                          Aesop was a slave, who was born during the 6th century in Europe.  Legend has it that his masters, Xanthus and Iadmon, were so impressed with his intelligence that they set him free.  Upon being set free he began to travel, as well as collect and record oral tales that had been handed down through the century.  Aesop supposedly found favor with King Croesus of Lydia, who offered him a job in his court. One time, was charged with taking a gift of gold to the people of Delphi in Greece.  Aesop thought that they were not appreciative of the gift so he decided to take it back.  When he tried to take it back the king of Delphia though Aesop was cheating him out of gold and had him charged and sentenced to death.

Why is it important?

                                   Aesop’s fables are among the first written works in modern European languge.

                                   There are more than 656 fables but not all of them are viewed as being directly Aesop’s.


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