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Carl Grimes, Epic Hero

Carl Grimes is an ordinary kid, until two things change his life forever. First his father goes into a coma, and then, months later, the world as we know it comes to an abrupt end as a result of a zombie apocalypse. He is no longer just another member of the next generation, but a member of the new generation, the first to come of age in a dangerous world fighting to survive both the dead and each other.
The Mundane world
Carl is but a child with seven years under his belt. He goes to school, and probably hates it like all kids. His home is not lavish, but it is nice and like all other kids has plenty of toys to play with, but it doesn’t stay that way.
Call to Arms
With his father still in a coma the apocalypse spreads worldwide. There’s almost nothing left anywhere. Due to the promise of military protection he flees with his mother, Lori, and his dad’s partner, Shane, to the capital of Georgia, Atlanta. What they find is not what they hoped, Atlanta had become just another “Walker” infested city. His father eventually wakes from his coma and seeks them out and presents Carl, against his mother’s wishes because he’s still only seven years old, with a Weapon and his policemen’s cowboy hat. The three become inseparable, because Carl sleeps holding his hat and his weapon is always close by.
Tried and Tested
This new world is a dangerous one. Along with the outside threats of Walkers and thugs, Carl and ultimately the group have to deal with living with each other. The friendship between Rick and Shane hits a mood point. Shane is shot and killed by Carl when he attempts to kill Rick with a rifle. This is not the only time Carl pulls his weapon on a member of the group, when Hershel points a shotgun at his father’s head; Carl out of raw instinct draws his pistol on Hershel.  Ben, Carl’s friend, is mentally ill and unstable. After killing a member of the group and believing he’d done nothing wrong, Carl kills him because he understands that rehabilitation takes up resources, if you’re bad for the group your cased out, or in Ben’s case killed.
Outsiders and walkers affect Carl more than any of the members of the group he’d killed or watched his father and the others kill. Carl is shot and severely injured and is thrown into a mini coma if you will. His mother Lori and half sister Judith are gunned down during the invasion of Woodbury. His father suffers a gunshot wound to the chest and the loss of a hand. He and his father are caught alone away from the group, with the wound now infected taking its toll on Rick, Carl defends his father by killing three walkers point blank. After finding refuge in a house Rick collapses. Believing that his father is dead he goes to shot him in the head, but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger on his own dad. Rick doesn’t die, but it is just another on the growing list of trials that Carl faces.
The world lives on

As the world turns, Carl will feel his way into adolescence, and eventually adulthood. Although he has matured greatly because of his experiences, he is still in a way just a kid. Later on we may see him assume his father’s position as leader of the group, but time will only tell. As the old world is forgotten, the new one has at least some hope, so long as the children can be strong like Carl and live to eventually continue it or destroy it even more.

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Phillipines patriots oath

I love the Philippines.
It is the land of my birth;
It is the home of my people.
It protects me and helps me to be strong, happy and useful.
In return, I will heed the counsel of my parents;
I will obey the rules of my school;
I will perform the duties of a patriotic, law-abiding citizen;
I will serve my country unselfishly and faithfully
I will be a true Filipino in thought, in word, in deed.
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