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Angelina Grimké


“We Abolition Women are turning the world upside down”

Angelina Grimké was one of the few individuals who advocated for abolition and women’s rights. She experienced tremendous adversity after choosing to be an activist. Coming from one of the riches families in the South, Angelina was ostracized by her parents and the state of South Carolina. Eventually, she moved up north to live with her sister. It was there she began writing and lecturing to end abolition. Her first article was published in the Liberator. Soon after, Angelina wrote An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South. Her literature increased her popularity among the men of the Anti-Slavery Society. After spending time with the society, Angelina decided to begin the National Female Anti-Slavery Society. She spoke in front of hundreds of women within the society and soon became famous for her lectures. During the Civil War she strongly supported the Union. She believed the Union’s victory would end slavery and wrote An Appeal to the Women of the Republic to encourage pro-Union support.

Growing up in southern culture, Angelina was only expected to become a silent housewife. Education for professions were limited to men at the time. Angelina was disturbed by the inequality and would not remain silent on the issue. The sexism continued as she lectured in the “free” North. It was deemed unfit for a woman to address an audience full of men. Angelina was harshly criticized every time she spoke in front of a mixed audience. Eventually, pushing the envelope paid off as she was the first women to speak in front of a United States legislative body.

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My Career as a Slave

I found myself a slave
It was all new to me

I was left in hell
Saddened by seeing a man so extremely crushed

I was broken in body, soul, and spirit
I was ruined…helpless

I was transformed by weakness
I was only to be enlightened

I found support
I was determined to be used no more

I was at battle with my career as a slave
I understood the pathway from slavery to freedom

I set out with high hope
I finally succeeded

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Is the Past Even True?

1) A lot of people do not realize that the term, “seeing is believing” is not always true. Many would be baffled and believe if they were to see something abnormal in a photo, such as a ghost or an orb. Photography is now more advanced then ever before, and will just continue to grow. Pictures are tampered with to such an extent that the final product of a picture could be 3 pictures in one. We may never know what the truth of a picture is. Whether it is Photoshop or some other high-tech technology that changes the appearances in pictures, television, magazines, or even books, changing the truth is quite easy now.

2) The technology used today very clearly makes huge differences in a photo. Our tampering with photos and visual effects relates to Orwell’s prediction of the future, because of the changes they do to history. The constantly change the past to make the government be right. Our society changes photos to make them more appealing to the consumer. We clear acne off of human’s faces/bodies, and do so much more. An example of wanting to make a photo more appealing would be the church leaders watch in this article. The watch is worth at least $30,000 so the church leader had it removed in the photo, yet forgot the reflection of the watch on the table, so he got caught.

This shows that the past could possibly be tampered with, but so many things in our generation are, so no one would probably notice.

3) As fast as our technology grows and advances, the fact that we can change anything in a photo will impact our everyday lives, whether it’s in a good way, or bad way. Today there are many disagreements about the changes editors do to women and mens bodies, making people believe that they are supposed to look a certain way to be accepted, which is not the case. Humans have flaws on their bodies, and editors make models look flawless with no blemishes, making “normal” people feel like they aren’t good enough. Our technology will only advance, possibly making Orwell’s prediction come true.

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City and municipality in Belgium

Capital of Antwerp Province of Flanders

As of December 31, 2011 the population is 507,007

Inhabitants are often nicknamed Sinjoren 

important city in the Low Countries, economically and culturelly

Has one of the largest seaports in Europe

in the book Utopia, Thomas More writes a letter to a friend named Peter Giles who lives in Antwerp

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Percy Jackson!

The Epic Story of Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a 12 year old character in the book The Lightening Thief, written by Rick Riordan. You can find this character in the film, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, based off of the series by Riordan. Logan Lerman plays the adventurous Percy Jackson in the movie. 

The Mundane World

Percy’s life unexpectedly changes when he tells about his summer after his 6th grade year. Discovering that he isn’t a normal kid like the ones he’s known all of his life, he learns that he comes from royalty Gods. In order to keep himself safe from half-blood eating monsters, he has to attend Camp Half-Blood in New York for the summer.

The Call To Adventure

Amazed with all of the new information being thrown on him just within a couple of days, he discovers even more about himself being at camp. His father is Poseidon, the God of the Sea, who is a brother of Zeus and Hades. Considering this information is very unexpected, on top of it all, he learns that Zeus’s symbol of power, the master bolt has been stolen. Zeus assumes that Poseidon is the one who has taken the master bolt, so Zeus makes sure to let him know that the master bolt needs to be returned to Mount Olympus by the summer solstice or he will declare war on Poseidon. Of course Poseidon is shocked that he would even be accused of such a thing.

Crossing The Threshold

Percy decides he has to save the day, and sets out on a quest to find the master bolt, which is supposedly held in Hades’s captivity in the Underworld. Percy has so much bravery and courage to go somewhere that’s named the Underworld. Obviously going somewhere scary like that, you need companions to help you, Percy’s were, Grover his best friend, and Annabeth, who is a demi-goddess and daughter of Athena. They take many different transportation systems to get to Los Angeles from New York. Taking many stops, they came to points were they had to battle monsters, such as vicious Medusa.

The Path of Trials

After traveling all of the way to the Underworld, Percy learns that Hades doesn’t have the master bolt, and that he is also missing his symbol of power. Hades automatically starts thinking that Percy stole both of the powers, and that his father just wants a lot of power. After Hades starts thinking that, the magic bolt somehow magically appears in Percy’s bag, which causes a huge blow up. The three friends escape the wrath of Hades, but then run into Ares, the God of War, they discover from her that she stole the two symbols of power from the original thief in the first place. Ares also told them that she was tempted by the possibility at starting the on of the biggest conflicts of all time, between Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon, which would have been terrible. Percy and Ares then battle, wounding Ares, Percy was able to leave with the helm of darkness. Percy then returns the Helm of Darkness to Hades then heads back to New York, where he gets to Mount Olympus on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building, where he also meets Poseidon and Zeus for the first time. Percy tells them everything that he knows/suspects.

Master of Two Worlds

Finally meeting his father for the first time, Poseidon tells Percy how proud of him he is. Percy lived as a hero that summer at Camp Half-Blood, but now he has to decide if he wants to stay there year round, or go back and stay with him mother for 7th grade year. While procrastinating on this decision, he is dragged into the woods by one of his Half-Blooded friends, Luke, where he confesses that he was the original thief of the two power symbols. Luke vanishes after saying that awful news, and leaves Percy in the woods with a scorpion bite, which he nearly dies for. He was luckily found and taken to safety. After that event, Percy decides to go stay with his mother for 7th grade year.



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