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Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880)

Lydia Child

Child was an educated women, at a nearby Medford public school, unlike most during this time. She broke the stereotypes by being an educated women writer. She was a young author at the age of 22. She wrote scandalous books too. Lydia Child supported minorities, which was some what uncommon in authors. Child started the first children magazine. She also wrote advice about house keeping, and other helpful things for military wives, and wives in general, during this time. Women during this time would follow the advice, found in her books, to break the traditional women rolls. 

She played a major role in the war by helping the slaves transition into their new free lives. She did this by writing a book called Freedmen’s Book. In this book she gave them advice and had stories from other influences that helped advise them too. She influenced slaves to read to others, so all could follow the advice. She did all of her work to send educational materials to slaves. However, her work never paid much and her husband’s schemes kept them in debt most of her life. 

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Found life of Douglass


White Children, Black Children

Deprived of equal privileges

I know nothing, I know nothing!

Everything is new to me.


I pass into the entrance

The cruel pleasure of the white man overwhelming

Show me mercy, show me mercy!

Welcome to hell called slavery.


We cry for joy, we sing for sadness

Songs filled with sorrow

Those songs still follow me, those songs still follow me!

For ever I will endure the the barbarity.


The accused become the convicted

Punishments dehumanizing slaves

You are not a christian, you are not a christian!  

Killing a slave, not treated as a crime by the courts or community.


They say learning will ruin a nigger

The key to my escape

I will learn to read! I will learn to write!

I will become FREE!

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