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Belle Boyd

Belle Boyd



Marie “Belle” Boyd was a Confederate spy during the American Civil War. Her career as a spy didn’t begin in the most delightful way. One day her mother and her were sitting at home when a few drunken Union officers intruded their house. They heard Belle had Confederate flags hung in her room and they went to replace them with Union ones. While they were there, the officers talked to Belle’s mom in a manner that she didn’t like, a way as Belle describes as “a language as offensive as it is to become”. Outraged, she got a pistol and killed the rude officer, thus beginning her career as a spy. She was attractive, well dressed and had a good figure which helped her get close to the Union officers. At only the age 17 she used her charm and flirtation techniques to receive information about the Union army to give back to the Confederacy. Belle would confiscate weapons, deliver medical supplies and mostly just give secrets to the Confederate Army. As she grew older, she worked from her dad’s hotel room in Front Royal, Virginia. There, she eavesdropped on Union General James Sheilds to hear that the Union army’s strength was going to be reduced. On May 23 1862, She reported this to General Jackson who awarded her with the Southern Cross of Honor. Belle was arrested seven times but released thanks to her charm before actually being held for a month. However, she was released just to get arrested again a few months later. She escaped from prison and fled to safety where she then married a Union solider later on. Belle broke the gender stereotypes by not only sneaking around and getting information for the Confederacy, but not giving up when she gets caught multiple times. She does the dirty work, as killing a Union soldier and sneaking around Union camps to flirt with men for information. Most women in the Civil War helped support from home and took care of the soldiers, but Belle didn’t take that route. She got herself out there and risked her freedom to physically help the soldiers and receive information that gave them an edge on the war.

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The Punished Soul

The Punished Soul

Bloody scenes and plantations,
This is what I know.
Happiness and hope,
That is what a freeman knows.

Innocent but whipped,
Naked in chains.
A broken spirit,
With unmanageable pain.

Forever unfit to escape,
determined masters seldom leave.
Mangled and punished victim,
leaving is a crime.

Brutalizing the angles,
While professing to love God.
Cruel master,
you have ruined me.

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Is 1984 Becoming a Reality?

Privacy Issues We Face

I read multiple articles on privacy issues and manipulation of public opinion and found many disturbing facts. Upon researching privacy issues I found that the 4th Amendment is actually supposed to keep us from being spied on. The 4th Amendment states, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, paper, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” That means a person should not feel scared in their homes or in just browsing the internet. But, a brech in Google’s security system in 2011 breaks that law. Google “accidently” collected private data from their users and was fined only $142,000 according to an article called “Google Fined $142,000 for Collecting Private Data” by Graeme McMillian. After 9/11 a few laws were passes to make our privacy almost nonexsitant. The USA PATRIOT Act makes it easy for the government to watch what we do online for possible threats. The college NAU has a new invention that has many students feeling uneasy. The college placed a tracking device to track attendance of their students. While many see this as a way to improve education, many feel as id they are in prison and have no control over htier own decisions as they thought they would be able to in college.

Manipulation of Public Opinion

Along with privacy issues, we are also dealing with the manipulation of the public opinion. Every time a person clicks on the tv they are bombarded with commercials that use techniques to make them want to buy an item. They trigger emotions and use false advertising to make us want that item. I’ve learned some words we use today are classified as doublespeak. Doublespeak makes the truth less vivid. For example instead of saying dead, people will say “passed away.” Another thing I found that scared me is that as technology improves the more a person can distort an image to what they want you to see. A man named Brain Walski worked for a very credible magazine  While working on an aticle he combined two pictures to make one false super photo. He ended up fired for falsifying a picture.(Serves him right)

The Poor Souls of 1984

In the book 1984 Big Brother uses propaganda to make all citizens hate the common enemy therefore manipulating them. They also use fear to control people(personal fear, war, shortages). the Ministry of Truth fabricates lies about facts just like Brian Walski did with his super photo. Under Big Brother’s control there is no privacy. There are not even laws to stop Big Brother from snooping into the lifes of these people. Not even thoughts are kept private. Gladly, but surprisingly America is not this way, yet.

Should I Be Concerned?  

Having to face privacy issues and the manipulation of my own opinion impacts me now now and will continue to impact me in the future. Anything I put on the internet a future employer can find and could use against me even if I tried to keep it private. the world’s technology has corrupted my mind into thinking I need what they advertise because they have found the things to trigger emotions.false-advertising-11342099300

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Renaissance Humanism

Donetallo: Italian Renaissance

Definition: activity of reform engaged by scholars, writers, and civic leaders.

Where&When: Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries

The idea: To create a citizenry

  • To be accomplished though the study of the studia humanitatis(grammar, rhetoric, history, poetry and moral philosophy)

What it did:

  • create dignity and worth of the individual
  • increased participation in politics
  • created a strong commitment to public services
  • developed skills and talents

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Tom Joad

In the book The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, there is a character named Tom Joad, who is an epic hero. Tom Joad has been a symbol for social prejudice along with protest activities for many years. Although Tom is a murder and a psychopathic, he is considered an epic hero because of his new beginnings and braveness throughout the story.

 The Beginning

 Tom Joad’s journey begins when he is released from the state’s prison, and arrives home to his beloved family to find out they are struggling to make ends meet. His family plans to travel west to California looking for employment during the Great Depression. Tom is faced with the decision to break is parole and risk getting caught, or ride with his family to discover a better life. Tom hops in the poor quality little car to leave Oklahoma without a second thought.

Through the Desert

 As Tom Joad and his family make the voyage to California, he encounters a preacher named Jim Casy. Jim makes Tom realizes he needs to change his ways and become more positive if they plan to get to their destination. Tom starts to be more spiritual and has a better outlook on life. From Jim’s help he becomes an improved man. Even when Jim dies, Tom sees the good in this and takes Jim’s place.

Hard Times Along The Way

 Their journey is not an easy one. Their family car breaks down and they must hitchhike till another family comes along to help them. While they are fixing the car, they find a cheap motel to stay at, after leaving they run into a mob. Tom hits his low point and kills the cop so his family and the family they are traveling with can escape. He remembers Jim and decides it was what needed to be done.

Tying This Together

 Tom Joad goes through a tough journey and survives even with all the hardships along the way. He becomes a better man and learns to control his anger. Jim Casy gives him just the help he needed in order to take care of his family. Tom risks everything he has to help out the people he is with and does what ever it takes to make sure they are always okay like a real hero would do.

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