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Charlotte Forten Grimke


charlotte grimke

Charlotte Forten Grimke was one of the major abolitionist leaders during the American Civil War.  She became a member of the Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society where she took over coalition building and money-raising.  On occasion she would give speeches to the public on her abolitionists views.  As the Civil War began she became the first black teacher to teach white students in Salem, Massachusetts in 1862.  Also in 1862 she traveled to St. Helena Island in South Carolina to work as a teacher in the Port Royal Experiment.  Port Royal was a Confederate fort captured by the Union which became the escape for many runaway and abandoned slaves.  Forten worked here as a teacher to help educate the former slaves.  However, she took her work much more seriously just to educate the freed slaves.  She found herself visiting their homes and making a more personal connection with the people so that she could instill higher values in their lives.  Sadly, after eighteen months of work Forten had to return to her home in Philadelphia because of health reasons.  She would continue teaching there and later return to the South to teach but not until long after the civil war had ended.  However, her journals taken from her first stint in South Carolina have shown historians the truly humanitarian work Charlotte Forten Grimke had done during the Civil War to help in the advancement of African Americans during such a chaotic time period.

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The Jaws of Slavery

Uncommon to me were the jaws of slavery.

I have often been awakened at the dawn of day by the most heart-rending shrieks of an own aunt of mine,

those wild notes always depressed my spirit, and filled me with ineffable sadness.

The warm, red blood amid heart-rending shrieks from her, and horrid oaths from him came dripping to the floor.

It was the blood-stained gate, the entrance to the hell of slavery,

All Slaves drop down side by side, on one, common bed–the cold, damp floor,
uncommon to me were the jaws of slavery.

The opinion was also whispered that my father was my master.

I know nothing, it was all new to me.

I had known what it was to be kindly treated; they had known nothing of that kind.

Will not righteous a God visit for these things? I was broken in body, soul, and spirit.

I therefore hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.

Uncommon to me were the jaws of slavery.

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Are We Really Being Watched?




Old People in Wired Homes

Technology is becoming more advanced everyday.  People have even came up with nursing homes, where the elderly can still stay in their own homes and keep their daily routines.  These elderly people are being watched everywhere, but their bathrooms in their home.  Even when they are in the bathroom for a long period of time, they are asked to be checked on in case one of them were to fall.  It seems to be an invasion of their privacy and it doesn’t seem fair that they have absolutely no privacy even in their own home. Orwell is starting to seem right about people constantly being watched. The article stated, “A telecaregiver can remind people to take their medication at a certain time. They can alert a relative if someone appears confused or in distress. They can help with the simple tasks of daily life, like the time a client was about to sit down to breakfast.”  Even though being watched can be scary, Orwell seems to be right about one thing. These people are more safe being watched. Click on the link below to read this article.

Is Google like Big Brother?

Google tracks everyones searches, and now peoples information is becoming more detailed and specific.  Is anything even private on google anymore?  When people get on google, because of what they have already searched their result is in return personalized.  Like Big Brother people can see your information and they can access your email.  They both are supposed to be used for good reasons and to help people. None of anyones information on google is safe or private. On one of google’s websites it even says, “Googlebot, Google’s web crawler, is a busy bee, continuously reading and indexing billions of web pages.”  This seems inhuman and again unfair.  People don’t like to be watched and when they hear about it, it seems even scary because people don’t want their information to be publicly displayed.

Are Monitors in Stores and Shops like Telescreens in Big Brother?

Monitors are in stores that watch your every move. These monitors are used for making sure everyone in the store is safe and to track down the thieves.  They used the same tactics in INGSOC.  They wanted to make they society more safe.  Today we use more and more technology everyday to make our society safe.  It is starting to seem as though the two ideas of the societies are starting to blend already.  I’m starting to think that the more advanced in technology and the more intelligence people start to gain the more the government is going to use this technology to track thieves and make a better and more controlled environment.  The government always tries it’s best to keep the society safe. Is it possible that in the future we could have telescreens like there was in INGSOC?


Maybe Big Brother really is watching us…

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Plato’s Republic

Plato wrote this book in 380 B.C. in Athens. He wrote this books to answer the question if its always better to be just than unjust? There are ten books to The Republic, each proposing their own input to the story.

This is a little long, but it illustrates the first book of The Republic. If this was just so interesting and you wish to watch the second half, it is below.

This book was mainly all about Plato’s philosphy.

The video below is a summary of the replblic and what it talks about.

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John Milton-Paradise Lost


Paradise Lost was published in 1667.  Paradise Lost starts with Adam and Eve’s fall from grace and disobedience.  Adam is the first human, along with Eve, the caretaker of the Garden of Eden.  Adam is very grateful and obedient to God.  Sadly Adam falls from grace with Eve when she convinces him to join her in the sin of feasting from the Tree of Knowledge.

The Mundane World:
The journey begins in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve live happily together.  This garden is there paradise, where they have no temptation until Satan tempts Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge so she can know the truth.  When Adam finds that Eve has eaten from this tree he decides he loves her too much to be separated from her.  He eats from the tree as well.  Due to their disobedience to God they are forced upon death and sin.
The Call to Adventure:
They had everything they needed to enjoy a happy, free life in Eden.  Eve is furious at herself for ruining this life for her and her husband and she decides she wants to commit suicide.  Adam stays with Eve and dissuades her from committing suicide.  Because of their actions God commands the angels to transform the Earth.  After the fall, all of human kind must suffer hot and cold seasons instead of the nice consistent temperatures before the fall.
Crossing the Threshold:
Adam and Eve are very fearful of their approaching doom.  They blame each other and become increasingly angry with themselves.  Adam and Eve go onto Earth and see all of the pain and suffering.  God tells them that a portion of human kind will be blessed and this makes Adam very happy.

Epic Hero Qualities:
Some argue that Satan could be shown as the epic hero in this piece of literature.  People can identify with him-he is a sinner, just like human beings.  His biggest sin is flaw, which is viewed as a tragic flaw.  In addition, the story goes more in depth about Satan then Adam.  I have seen Adam as the epic hero throughout Paradise lost and he possesses these qualities. The hero participates in a cyclical journey or quest, faces adversaries that try to defeat him in his journey-which is Satan and has a side kick-which is Eve, and returns home significantly transformed by his journey. The epic hero illustrates traits, performs deeds, and exemplifies certain morals that are valued by the society from which the epic originates. They usually embody cultural and religious beliefs of the people. This story was very religious. Many epic heroes are recurring characters in the legends of their native culture. Epic heroes are smarter, stronger, and braver than average humans.

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