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The Future: Was Orwell Right?

Orwell predicted our society in the future to be a ruled by an overbearing totalitarianism government that controls your mind and alters your thoughts to ensure power among themselves. He predicted that every move you make will be monitored by cameras put throughout the cities, towns, and even homes. He also had the idea that propaganda would overrun our cities streets and buildings, trying to remind us that we are always being watched, but we can rest easy knowing that we have security.

Today, our society is not as controlling as Orwell predicted, but there are some instances in our society that make us wonder, are we really being watched and are our minds really our own? We know that there are cameras that watch us in grocery stores or sometimes on the street outside of people’s houses in big cities, but are they really only being used for security reasons? There has been quite a dramatic growth in security cameras around college campuses and day care centers. We are getting more and more used to the fact that we are being watched. People are using computers and the internet more than ever and computers can be described as insecure communicating. We are faced with computer hackers and identity theft everyday and those crimes have become easier to commit. There is not much privacy anymore even though we try to convince ourselves that there is.

Orwell predicted that in the future, the government would try to manipulate our thoughts to make us agree with the things that they are trying to do to us. He predicted there would be “thought police” that arrest us for what we think about. Today we don’t have that, but who’s to say maybe a little bit in the farther future we won’t? Ever since 9/11 security around basically everywhere has gotten so much more advanced, almost to the point of just going too far. Computers can track where we are, what we talk about, and search so maybe our government will someday be able to read our thoughts then, try to manipulate them in order to keep it’s power. It’s a scary thought, but it could a possibility. It could only be a matter of time.

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Theseus is a strong, cunning young man from a mythological story that takes place in the ancient times in Greece. He is the main character in this story that, even before he was born, was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was expected to travel to Athens to find his father and he had to use his great strength and cunning mind to defeat the obstacles that came his way.

The Mundane World

Thesesus’ journey starts out in his childhood. Before he was born, his father, Aegeus, told his mother that, “If we shall have a son, when he is old enough tell him to lift this rock and take my sword and sandals from under it.” When he finally became old enough, his mother told him to lift the rock and he picked it up and tossed it into the woods. He then traveled to Athens with his father’s sword and sandals. That is when his adventure begins.

As Theseus travels to Athens, he runs into many obstacles. He had to defeat many unstable men on his path including Periphetes. Periphetes blocked his path and threatened to hit him in the head with his brass club. Theseus outsmarted him, took his club, and hit him on the head with it, knocking him out and continuing on his journey to Athens. He ran into multiple other men that blocked his path along the way. He defeated them all and finally got to Athens. When he finally saw his father, he tried to poisen Theseus then saw that he had his sword with him and realized it was his son.

The Call To Adventure

After Theseus realized his son had finally arrived in Athens he appointed him to a high power on the throne and then sent him on a journey. He had to travel to the Labyrinth where the half-man half-bull creature called the Minotaur lived. The Minotaur killed fourteen human sacrifices, seven men and seven women, that were offered to him in order to keep peace between Athens and Crete. Theseus was expected to kill the Minotaur and that is exactly what he did. He killed the Minotaur with his bare hands. He travels back to Athens and takes over as ruler after his father commits suicide, thinking that Theseus has died.

The Path of Trails

Theseus marries Phaedre, the sister of the woman he was oringinally supposed to marry, but she mysteriously passes away. He already had a son, Hippolytus, and Phaedre, Hippolytus’ stepmom, falls in love with him. He rejects her and that angers her, so she accused Hippolytus of raping her and she kills herself. Theseus then drives his son out of Athens and Hippolytus is killed before Theseus learns the truth about what really happened.

Master of Two Worlds

Even though Theseus’ life was filled with nothing but trials, deaths, and heartbreak, Theseus manages to maintain his sanity. Through everything he still tries to keep his family united and Athens, the land he rules, in order and keeps everyone in a happy state. Theseus was a good, big-hearted, strong-willed man who always tried to do the honorable thing. After his long journeys he comes out a wiser more complex person.

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