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Life As We Know It; No Privacy, Constantly Being Watched and Manipulation


Privacy Issues 

By reading the articles that have been provided to teach me about the privacy issues we face have opened my eyes. I never knew that Google kept track of everything that you have searched up. That is seriously disturbing. One thing most Americans are struggling with today is unemployment and now with the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube many future employers can look at your profile and judge you based on what you say and do on your profile. In the article Meet the Big Brother Screening Your Social Media for Employers by Austin Carr, Carr states “employers are no longer just searching Google for information on applicants–they’re commissioning companies to do professional social media background checks.” Without any social media you might have a better chance for finding a job rather than having anything that deals with social media.

*( problem/solution commerical. look for picture with global warming in red)

Manipulation of Public Opinion

People use public manipulation by creating different kinds of commercials. For example you could have a commercial that gives you emotion or sexual attraction or even a problem and solution to show that it is just that easy to fix the problem at hand. While I was reading the article AdCracker (advertising techniques) I saw just how many ways a commercial can pull you in and manipulate you. Not only commercials can manipulate you though. Many political figures use manipulation to get you to vote for them and to see what they are wanting to do is the best for our country or state. If you read something about anything there is always a possible chance that some writer is trying to persuade you into believing something. There is really no way to avoid the manipulation at hand. Some of the manipulation can be for a good cause and could help someone or something but without the attention of the audience your cause is going to go no where.


After reading the articles and reading Orwell’s 1984  I can see how the privacy issues and manipulation are being portrayed in the book. For example, on the first page of the book (pg. 5) down at the bottom of the page, in all caps it says BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU and it goes on to describe how the eyes on the poster follow you wherever you go. With just this single simple statement someone can believe that they are actually being watched. With posters so intimidating as this, it makes people realize they can’t do anything or think anything wrong or they will be caught and punished. In the aspects of privacy the book goes to say “The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard.(pg 6)” These few sentences just scream personal privacy destroyed. If you have to be watched all the time you might go insane thinking about all the things you can’t do because someone is watching you. There are so many different ways that 1984 displays the acts of privacy being disrupted and how government manipulation can change the course of time and how you perceive the past and the future.


Most, if not all the things I do in my everyday consist of some sort of technology. I always have my phone in my  pocket, my IPod in my purse, and when I go into the library to type papers I sit at a computer with a camera that faces me. At any time during my day I could be being watched and that is crazy to think about. My personal privacy is well… personal, and i wish for it to stay that way and with all these new ways to look into someones life it makes it hard for me to believe my personal life is actually private. I know what most people would say and that would be if you want your life to stay private don’t put it out there for people to read on Facebook or Twitter and that is a very good answer to my problem by I believe that I have the right to post whatever I want, whenever I want and not be looked in to.

If I’m not on my phone, IPod, or computer I am watching TV. When I watch TV and a sad commercial about abused animals come on I have to either switch the channel or beg my mom to donate money to help the poor animals. This is a prime example of manipulation through emotion and it gets me every time. Almost every commercial I see is either wanting me to buy something or is showing me all these pictures and captioning’s and telling who is good and bad and what is a risk.

In the future if I don’t stop using my media source I can see myself not being hired for a job over something I put on Facebook or Twitter when I was a freshman. If the technologies just keep on getting better then everything we do no matter what it is will be watched. Many people try to record people doing outrageous things without them knowing for attention but sometimes it can become something more than a joke. With all the new technology we have and all the technology the generations to come will have the society as a whole has set themselves up for failure. We can’t necessarily stop the privacy issues and manipulation but we can try to shape the future for a better way to understand how to use the technologies at hand to help with the current issues.

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Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

Thomas More was born in London on Feburary 7, 1478. He was educated at St. Anthony’s School. More went on to study at Oxford, during this time he wrote comedies and studied Greek and Latin literature. One of his first works was a English translation of a Latin biography of the Italian humanist Pico delia Mirandolo. It was printed in 1510. Thomas was torn between a monastic and life of civil service calling.He became a monk at Lincoln’s Inn. In 1504 More entered Parliament. In 1534 More refused to swear to the Act of Sucession and the Oath of Supremacy.

Act of Sucession-  the act set Princess Elizabeth first in line for the Englsih thrown

Oath of Supremacy- Recognizing King Henry VIII as supreme head of church of England.

Thomas more was committed to the tower of London April 17th. He was then found guily of treason( the crime of betraying ones country) and was beheaded on July 6, 1535. His final words were “The King’s good servant, but God’s first.” More was killed because he set aside the authority he was to follow because in his view it clashed with another authority that has a superior claim.

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Hercules is the son of Zeus and the strongest man on Earth, he had great self confidence and considered himself equal to the rest of the gods. As Hercules grew up he became a famed warrior and was looked up to by many. While Hercules was a famed warrior Hera, Zeus’s wife was very jealous of him and made Hercules temporarily insane which made Hercules kill his wife and children. Hercules was punished by having to perform 12 nearly impossible tasks.

The Journey

His first task was to kill the Nemean Lion. When he faced this challenge he found out that no sharp object could pierce the lions hide. So Hercules instead stunned the lion by hitting it with his wooden club then strangled the lion with his bare hands. At the end of this task Hercules took the claws of the lion and skinned him and wore his hide. For the second task Hercules had to kill the Lernean Hydra. The Hydra is like a snake and has 9 heads. If the Hydra lost a head it would two more in its place so Hercules quickly cut off all nine heads and sealed the wound with a torch. At the end of task two Hercules used the blood of the Hydra to make poisonous arrows. Hercules third task was to capture the Cerynian Hind. The deer was protected by the goddess Artemis and Hercules needed the golden hind so Hercules followed the deer around for a year until the deer shed its golden hind and Hercules had then completed the third task. His fourth task was to capture the Erymanthian Boar. Hercules chased the boar up the mountain and into a snowdrift, and then caught it with a net. He took the boar to King Eurysthues to show that their village didn’t need to live in fear of the boar anymore. Hercules fifth task was to clean the Augean stables in one single day. The stables had been used for cows and had not been cleaned in 30 years. To clean the stables Hercules made two rivers bend together to flow into the dirty stables and clean out of mess. Hercules sixth task was to kill the Stymphalian birds. These birds were murderous with their claws and beaks that were as sharp as metal and their feathers that flew like darts. Hercules killed these birds by scaring them out of their nests and shooting them with his arrows that he dipped in the Hydra’s blood. His seventh task was to capture the Cretan bull. He did so by wrestling the insane bull to the ground and then he brought it back to the king who then released it again. His eighth task was to capture the horses of Diomedes. To capture the horses Hercules needed to fed the horses to tame them and he did that by killing King Diomedes. Once the horses were tamed he took them back to his king. Hercules ninth task was to take the Girdle of the Amazon Queen Hippolyte. Hercules traveled to the land of Amazon’s and when he got there he was welcomed by the Queen but Hera told the Queen that Hercules was the enemy and he later had to conquer the Amazon’s and steal the golden belt. Hercules tenth task was to capture the cattle of Geryon. Geryon was a winged monster that kept his cattle guarded by a two-headed dog and a giant. Hercules killed Geryon, the two-headed dog and the giant to get to the cattle that he took back to the king after killing everyone. His eleventh task was to take the golden apples of the Hesperides. Hesperides were nymphs that grew golden apples and they had their apples guarded by a dragon with a hundred heads. Hercules used to strategic skills and made a bargain with Atlas, the nymphs’ father; Atlas was to get the apples while Hercules shouldered the Earth. Hercules twelfth and final task was to capture Cerberus. Cerberus is the three-headed dog of the underworld. Hercules went down to the underworld and wrestled up the dogs’ heads and made Cerberus go back up to the king.

After he completed all twelve tasks Hercules went on to live his life he eventually married and had another child and later died after being poisoned by his wife.

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Who Loved the Gray

This is a poem written by Gideon Luke Roach,
the Great, Great Grandfather of
and was published in the “Confederate Veteran”, vol. 34, page 73.   

Who Loved the Gray

The gates of time swing wide to-day,
And through them march our men n gray–
Fathers, brothers, young and old–
With loyal minds, with hearts of gold;
And, through the mist of dreams and tears,
Our heroes come across the years.

Again the voice of Lee we hear,
Again his army’s answering cheer;
Again a wall of stone we see,
And Jackson stands by General Lee;
And fearless leaders, score on score,
Make up the South’s immortal corps.

Another army passes by
Whose name and fame can never die–
Our Southern women, dauntless, brave,
Who gave their lives to cheer to save;
Our Southern women, tried and true,
Who toiled and prayed the long years through.

Their sacrifice, their deeds of worth,
Have made for us a purer earth;
Their victories, unknown to fame,
Have touched their children’s hears with flame;
And all the South is glorified
Because for love they lived and died.

The gates of time wide open stand,
And through them streams a deathless band–
Southern women, Southern men,
Who come to thrill our souls again;
And through the mist of tears we pray,
“God keep them all who loved the gray!”

I chose this poem because it shows how the South had worked together to try and win the Civil War. The poem represents how the male members of families through generations honor themselves by fighting in the war. The poem also brings in General Lee and Andrew Jackson as the leading voices for the South and how the women in the South prayed for the soldiers and provided the materials they needed to fight battles in the war.


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“Oath of a Patriot”


I love the Philippines.
This is the land of my birth.
This is the home of my race.
By her (the land) I am watched and helped
To become strong, happy, and productive.
In return, I will listen to the counsel of my parents,
I will obey the regulations of my school,
I will fulfill the responsibilities of a patriotic citizen,
obedient to the law,
I will serve my country without selfishness
and with complete integrity,
I will try to be a true Filipino
In thought, in word, and in deed.”

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