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Utterances Poem

Nowhere do I see anymore my darling wife
Nor the toddling child
Only some swans can I see
Soft-fleshed swans
And some routine faces, but not my wife anywhere
Nor the child

Then is she a swan
And the child the sun of the green fields and the green sky?

Many a battle has been fought
And much blood shed

And the air has scattered flakes of gold and silver
Like cotton shreds.

Nowhere do I see my younger brother
Nor the sister with the soft nose-ring
Only do I see flags,


Then is my brother that flag of freedom?
And my sister the festival on the altar of dark night? a

I like the poem for how i interpret the words.  The author gives you good mental pictures with how they phrase certain descriptions of the characters of the poem.  I interpret the poem as the author speaking about their country and how they can come to a compromise so they cant be found. Yet by the end of the poem the war has ended so they are able to find peace again, still there is now a dark past for the country.  I didn’t quite understand why the poem stops at the letter a though.

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Posted by on November 16, 2011 in Civil War Poetry



Ghana’s pledge

I promise on my honour to be faithful and loyal to Ghana my motherland. I
pledge myself to the service of Ghana with all my strength and with all my
heart. I promise to hold in high esteem our heritage, won for us through the
blood and toil of our fathers; and I pledge myself in all things to uphold and
defend the good name of Ghana. So help me God.

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Posted by on August 27, 2011 in Pledges