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Was Orwell Right?

1. After reading these articles it is hard to say if we are truly being watched or not. Obviously we are not being as openly watched as the people in 1984, but we are definitely being checked up on. For example employers and they way they check up on potential employees. Employers no longer do a simple google search to see if any bad things show up, they actually have professional companies that doing detailed searched for bad postings or behavior, no matter how long ago it was posted. The employers say they are taking it from the public domain, so it is not a privacy issue although it may feel that way. Ceo Max Drucker said “I think were moving toward where your online history is your resume.” Which is taking the finding a job process to a new level. Another thing I found to be crazy was the garbage cans in cleveland that are embedded with bar codes and radio frequency identification chips. These cans are literally watching and one person could be fined up to one hundred dollars for not recycling. I could see something like this happening in 1984. With technology advancing privacy as we know it will ultimately disappear. The google program called goggles is an example of this. This program allows people to take a picture and then search the internet for any matching photos. This is something that people should worry about, because if people can find photos of you then who knows what else they could do.

2. Although our government does not taking watchings us to the point of telescreens in every home watching your every move, they do watch us more than they make open. The government has watched in on phone calls and emails of groups they consider to be a possible threat to national security. They claim to be doing it to prevent us from a possible terrorist attacks although they have tapped into peoples emails that showed zero threat ever. This relates to the novel just like the way Big Brother is always watching, our government always will be able to pull up any information they want or need to know about anybody. This relates to the novel because it shows the control both governments really have. Both claim that it is for safety purposes but power seems to be the actual drive. Our government allows us to do whatever we want which is a difference from Big Brother, but they have similar aspects when you consider the way they watch and know information about people.

3. Privacy issues have an impact on today because everybody is always being watched. No matter if you want your life to be private or public people will always find a way to get information out in the public. With webcams and other various types of technology privacy is non existent. Something that really makes a huge impact today is the employers looking on social media sites for information for potential employees. One bad post and you can not get the job you wanted. This has a impact today and will always continue to be an impact in the future. As technology advances the way people can use social media for information and other various things will just continue to grow. These topics concerning privacy will always continue to get worse and worse to where privacy is nonexistent.

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City and municipality in Belgium

Capital of Antwerp Province of Flanders

As of December 31, 2011 the population is 507,007

Inhabitants are often nicknamed Sinjoren 

important city in the Low Countries, economically and culturelly

Has one of the largest seaports in Europe

in the book Utopia, Thomas More writes a letter to a friend named Peter Giles who lives in Antwerp

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Katniss Everdeen: The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is the fictional character and protagonist found in The Hunger Games trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins. She is the main character with the qualities of a natural leader that is skilled, compassionate and has much strength. She is described as having long black hair that she wears in a braid down her back, olive skin, and gray eyes. The trilogy is focused around her journey.


The Mundane World


In the beginning of the story Katniss lives in District 12, the coal mining district. The Hunger Games takes placeduring a time when America is divided into districts because of a war, with the capitol leading them. This is not the ideal place to live for anybody, due to the fact that district twelve is the poorest out of any of them and also the least populated. Katniss has to illegally hunt to provide food for her family, since her mother is

often depressed over her husbands death. Katniss has to be strong for her little sister and raise her, making her more mature than her age. This is where Katniss is found in the beginning of her journey, looking for a better future for her family and bestfriend Gale.


The Call to Adventure


Katniss call to adventure was not a pleasant one that she was excited to take a part of. Every year two tributes from each district are drawn to participate in the annual hunger games that takes place at the capitol. When Katniss sister Prim is chosen during the reaping ceremony, Katniss volunteers to take her place, choosing her own destiny to possibly be killed in the arena.This was a sad moment for Katniss’s life because she knew that there was a possiblity she would not return home to see her family. Though she did want to get out of district twelve, knowing that she would not be home to take care of Prim scared her.


The Path of Trials


Katniss being in the hungers games is her biggest trial because it involves staying alive when everybody’s goal is to kill each other. Once at the capital Katniss has to pretend to be a likeable person because getting sponsors is her only chance of living. Katniss pretending to be something shes not was not something she liked, and she lost her temper often. Once in the arena though she faced many challenges staying alive. Her very first encounter was in the Cornucopia when a knife was thrown at her head. She nearly dies of thirst at one point, gets fireballs thrown at her, and suffers a severe burn on her calf. She gets stung by a tracker jacker and suffers from horrible hallucinations. A girl named Rue that she befriended, because she reminds her of Prim, gets killed at one point. Katniss is repeatedly tested for her emotional and physical strength to continue.


Master of Two Worlds


Although she does have so many trials to continue she manages to hold on to her emotions to make it to the end of the games. With the help of Peeta they were able to survive long enough for the game makers to kill off the career pack, leaving those two to choose who will live and who will die. After making a joint suicide attempt, both are crowned winners and lifted out of the arena. Because of this act Katniss is a symbol to the districts around her that will influence the other two books of the trilogy.

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Nigerian Pledge

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory
So help me God.

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