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We are being watched

1.Unfortunately what Orwell has predicted in “1984” can be seen as true in today’s society. Until yesterday I would have laughed if someone was to say that even today we are constantly being watched, yet from these articles I was forced to second guess myself. Orwell invisioned a world where the government monitors and watches over the population with a close eye, and today our government can be seen as doing the same. Our government has the ability to learn basically everything there is about us without us even knowing. There are systems and data basses that keep our pictures and fingerprints along with personal information together for police and any higher official to see. Even doing the research for this I found a site where just by entering someone’s name I could view where they live, if they have kids, or a job, and even their previous criminal records.There is no hiding your life nor living a private life anymore. The fact is that even if we don’t realize it we are being watched and it could be by people we don’t even know and have never met. Even google tracks us, and in cooperation with the government they can see exactly what we have been on and what we researched.Yes this can be seen as a good thing in order to monitor criminals but it is not just used for criminals. All of the things we do on the internet are recorded and left on there for anyone with general knowledge to discover. Where is the privacy in that? Simply there is not privacy prevalant in our society any more. Keepin all of this in mind it is easy to say that though we may not want to believe it, Orwell was right in his predictions on the future.

2. In “1984” even your thoughts are monitored, but how is that any different from now? We as curious people often search our thoughts online or even post or tweet them leaving it open to the public to view, and when saying public that means eveyone. We may not want to believe that the government isn’t listening to our thoughts yet with our modern technologies they posses the ability to do so. This quote by Orwell perfectly sums up what i am trying to say and it is “If you want to keep a secret, you use also hide it from yourself”. It shows how now a days anyone can learn your life and what you stand for and the only way to hide the truth is to also hide it from yourself. Whatever we search online is now recorded and will be there forever , and yet this is beyond our control. Since we are not able to control this and the government is, is this not a huge violation of privacy and a grim reminder of the oceanic world in “1984”? Now in Cleveland people trash cans could be forcedly watched with a chip to force people to recycle. This chip will watch and monitor homes to make sure recycling is being done properly. Once again there is a strong connection to “1984”, with the same thing being done by the telescreens constantly monitoring their every move. Now our cameras are so intelligent that they can even do things that most people can’t even do. Our cameras can recognize faces and even watch your movements and learn your daily routine. Whether or not this is for good or not if the government gets the notion they could turn these intelligent cameras against us and force us to live as every one in oceania. Though our world may not be exactly the same as Orwell imagined it, our government has already started to tighten its grip on humanity and our freedom, leaving Orwell’s prediction an inevitability.

3. Only being 17 years old I still have a lot of life left to to live and granted all of the technologies we already have its is hard to fathem what else there is still to come. Some colleges are already trying to use computerized systems to check where you are at any given time, making sure you are attending your classes. This big brother form of government takes our rights as adults to make our own decisions, along along with our freedom and privacy. Another one of these acts that could affect me is the fact that google tracks people’s history. I don’t have anything to hide yet i still do not feel comfortable with the fact that the government is able to find out so much about me and track me in such a way . These simple things make me realize just how much control the government has and makes me think twice when I’m looking into a webcam or taking a picture. Now even a random picture can be taken and kept by officials, even without our consent. How is this beneficial, and will it prevent me from committing a crime? The simple fact is that these little things are often not beneficial and are instead an invasion of our privacy as americans.


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Henry VIII

ImageHenry VIII became the King of England on April 21, 1509 and remained King until his death on january 28, 1547.

Took control as King at a very young age at just under 18 years. He was young yet actually prepared to take throne as he was practing after his older brothers death.

He was known for a few things, one being his six wives he had over time, executing two and divorcing two , but also known for more of his accomplishments that had an affect on England.

He was responsible for the seperation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, which eventually led to his excommunication . This did not stop him from remaining loyal to the core Catholic theological teachings. This would also lead to him establishing himself as the the Supreme Head of the Church of England and the Dissolution of the monsateries.

He was not only King but made a name for himself as an author and composer.

Could have been viewed as a sexist man as he felt that only a man was fit for the throne and a woman would be incapable of handling the throne. He also beheaded one of his six wives because she did not give him a son as he wished.

Was at one time an attractive man and led with abslute power which explains having six wives in his lifetime. He was a brutal king and used his power to full extent. With his power Europe also had to witness the destruction of monastic building and libraries that were once praised. This quote best summarizes his thoughts on ruling.

“that ye are bound to obey us, your King, both by God’s commandment and law of nature.”


In his later years he became morbidly obese which caused his health to suffer. This image is often what comes to mind when his name is mentioned, not the young body that he began his reign with.When he bagan his reign he was atually a very intelligent and athletic person who was fluent in other languages and an avid athlete. The actual cause of Henry VIII death is still unknown by historians today but is believed to be linked to his morbid obeisity.

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Huckleberry Finn, Epic Hero

Huckleberry Finn fits many of the characteristics of an epic hero. He takes off on a quest for something of great value, faces villains who try to keep him from his quest,  and was born a human birth therefore possesses human weaknesses.On the other hand Huck also does not fit a few of the characteristics of an epic hero. He is just a boy not a larger than life hero representing a society or its beliefs. Also just being a young naive boy he is not superhuman nor smarter or more clever than an everyday person.Overall Hucks journey does represent that of an epic and the challenges he must overcome make him in most eyes an epic hero.

Huck’s journey starts off due to an abusive father who is only looking over Huck for the money that he has came into. His father possesses greed and selfishness making him one of the so called villains hindering him. His journey consists of him all by himself and an escaped slave making thier way down the river on a makeshift raft. If looking at Huckleberry finn from a religious point of view Jim, the escaped slave, could be seen as the divine world or gods watching over Huck making sure he completes journey safely. Huck does use his ability to be clever as an epic hero must do and was able to fake his own death to escape his abusive father. Without his ability to use his imagination and think of little clever things throughout his journey him making it back home would of been an inevitability. The Duke and the king could be seen as the antagonist of the story making them the villains of the story. They are jerks and thieves and almost leave Huck and Jim stranded forcing Huck to once again think of a way to save themselves.

Huck is certainly portrayed as a brave and cunning boy. No one else of his age would dare think of taking off on an adventure of this stature. His ability to survive and adapt does make what he did a bit superhuman for a boy of his time, although most of what he does is not impossible. Yet for a young boy to make it down a huge river with only the help of slave does make him a bit superhuman and make his journey comparable to that of Odysseus’s.

The last Characteristic of an epic hero that Huck fits is also one of the most important, he returns home a from his journey changed. From the beginning Huck is seen as a young immature boy who just likes to use his imagination, but when he returns to his aunts its a totally different story. In the end Huck is portrayed much more intelligent and smarter in the ways of the world. He seems as though he is not scared of anything. His morals are even changed from his journey making his beliefs in what is right and wrong change. In the end Huck is finally not all alone and will finally have someone their for him, making his life a complete difference from the one that he started with.From all this its easy to see all the different reasons how Huckleberry Finn fits that of an epic and how he himself is an epic hero.

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Philippine oath

I love the Philippines.
It is the land of my birth;
It is the home of my people.
It protects me and helps me to be strong, happy and useful.
In return, I will heed the counsel of my parents;
I will obey the rules of my school;
I will perform the duties of a patriotic, law-abiding citizen;
I will serve my country unselfishly and faithfully
I will be a true Filipino in thought, in word, in deed

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