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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman<

Harriet Tubman was an African American woman who broke the gender stereotype for women during the American Civil War. During this time women were restricted to the traditional role of women for example domestic household chores. Harriet Tubman not only did domestic household chores like other women, but she also worked with the men. Tubman volunteered as a nurse and a cook for the Union during the American Civil War before she was recruited by Union officers to create a system of spies, made up of former slaves, in South Carolina. Harriet recruited former slaves to hunt for rebel camps and report on the movement of the Confederate troops, using her experience as the leader of the Underground Railroad. Soon after Harriet Tubman became the first woman in the history of the United States of America to lead a military voyage to raid and help free slaves from rice plantations along the Combahee River. Tubman was an important aspect to the Union raid serving as a key adviser because slaves were more willing to tell Harriet information about the Confederacy than Union soldiers. During these raids the Union troops set fire to plantations, destroying buildings and seizing thousands of dollars worth of food and supplies, escaping with several slaves.

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A Life in Slavery: From the perspective of Frederick Douglass

The white men could tell their ages,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men knew their parentage,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men could express an opinion,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men had enough to eat,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men never got a whipping,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men had wealth,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men were not seen as property,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men were allowed to learn how to read and write,
A privilege that I was deprived.

The white men were free,
A privilege that I was once deprived.

This was the hell of slavery
That I was made to pass.

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Orwell’s Future: Right or Wrong?


Orwell’s prediction of the future in 1984 was that the government would be in control of absolutely everything. Your actions, history, what you say, your free time and over all, your thoughts and your mind.  Orwell pictured an oppressive government that was only worried about the good of the government, not the people.  Everyone would be watched, and monitored to make sure they weren’t trying to plot against the government.  Now of course this didn’t happen in 1984, but is it still possible?

Today our government says we live in a free country, but is that true in the matter of privacy?  See today the government does watch us, just not in the way Orwell thought they would.  And the government watching us isn’t all bad, like with the government putting cameras into prison and hospitals.  In the article, Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You by Steve Lohr informs us just what these cameras do for the good of the society.  For the prisons he says, “When two groups of inmates moved toward each other, the experimental computer system sent an alert — a text message — to a corrections officer that warned of a potential incident and gave the location.” And he also gives an example of what the cameras in the hospitals do for the better good of the society, which is, “A computer-vision system can watch a hospital room and remind doctors and nurses to wash their hands, or warn of restless patients who are in danger of falling out of bed.”  Now these examples of being “watched” by the government by my opinion, is a really good idea because their not there to just watch you to make sure you don’t do anything, their there to make sure that nothing bad happens.

But even if the cameras are there for the better good of us, it still creeps me out just a little.  Like with what Hartmut Neven says in the article, Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You, “Machines will definitely be able to observe us and understand us better, where that leads is uncertain.” And when I read this quote from Neven, it kind of freaked me out, making me think that since computers are understanding us better and better every day, that they will soon take over the world. But that’s crazy. 

Now the one article I could really relate to was, Wired Homes Keep Tabs On Aging Parents. Just 3 years ago I moved into the house I am recently living in, but before we bought the house and elderly couple lived here.  And they had cameras all over their house.  It was really creepy when we came to see the house before we bought it, because they had cameras in the bedrooms, and in the bathrooms. Even one in the shower! And I think that was just taking it too far, with putting a camera in the shower.  But they removed the cameras before we moved in, but it still creeps me out because the holes where the cameras were in the ceiling are still there. I just thought that was invading their privacy a way too much.

The article Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You really freaked me out as well. Like when Joel Stein said in the article, “Three hours after I gave my name and e-mail address to Michael Fertik, the CEO of, he called me back and read my Social Security number to me.”  And I just don’t like the thought of companies I don’t even want anything to do with, can access my information whenever they want just because I gave my information to another company. If they can access my information, who knows who else can?

A quote from the article Forgot What You Searched For? Google Didn’t, kind of proved a way of the government being able to read our thoughts like with what Orwell predicted in his book 1984. Leslie Walker said, “Our personal search histories are highly sensitive information — and obviously open to misinterpretation — because they offer such a unique view into what we are thinking.” Because of what we search the government can sort of get a good idea of what we think about, like when we type in questions into Google’s search engine, it’s question that pop into our heads which are our thoughts.

And lastly the article, Photo Tampering throughout History certainly does show that Orwell’s prediction of the future is happening, just not exactly as he pictured it. Because Photo tampering happens almost every day, and that was the job Winston had in 1984, which was distorting pictures and documents.  And the first picture on the blog, which is Abraham Lincoln, is tampered because it is just the head of Abraham Lincoln, and the body is of John Calhoun. So maybe Orwell’s prediction of the future might just be right, just not as extreme as he portrayed it to be. Now all of this topics have an impact on me now and in the future because people will be able to access my information like my social security number and my credit card information, which are extremely important things. So I probably be more careful now with who I give my information out too now and in the future.

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Desiderius Erasmus (October 28, 1466 – July 12, 1536)

Education: University of Turin, & Unversity of Paris.

He was an Humanist.


One who is concerned with the interests and welfare of humans.

What did he do:

  • Reformed weak churches
  • Translated Bibles into Greek
  • Was a well-known Priest

His Works:

  • Adagia
  • The Praise of Folly
  • New Testament (Translated it into Greek)
  • Enchiridion (Guide to Christian living)



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King Arthur

King Arthur was the first child of King Uther Pendragon, next in line to the throne.You can find King Arthur in the book King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table written by, Sir Thomas Mallory (“Le Morte D’Arthur”).  

Noble Birth

King Arthur was of course of noble birth, his father was King Uther of England, and if he wasn’t of noble blood he wouldn’t have been able to pull the sword from the stone therefore making him the right-wise heir to the throne.

The Mundane World

Since Arthur was the rightful heir to the throne, Merlin, a wise magician advised that as a baby, Arthur should grow up in a remote area, and so no one would know his actually identity.  Soon after King Uther Pendragon died.  So Merlin set his magic sword in a stone, and whoever could pull the sword from the stone is the, “right wise born king of all England.”  Then Arthur came along, and pulled the sword out of the stone for another to use to fight in a tournament, soon afterwards Arthur became king. 

The Call To Adventure

King Arthur had many calls to adventure while he was king, for one, when he pulled the sword out of the stone certainly counts as a call to adventure because that means he is the right-wise king of England, and that means a whole lot of responsibility on Arthur’s part.  Also when Arthur was, “chosen 12 times to lead the Celts, Arthur bore the image of the Virgin and won 12 battles, the last being at Mt. Badon, in which he killed 960 of the enemy single-handed”, this is also a call Arthur could have turned down, but he accepted this call to adventure and vanquished the enemies.

Supernatural Qualities

Though Arthur may not obtain any supernatural abilities, he does in fact possess a magical sword named, ‘Excalibur’ given to him by Merlin. This Magical sword helps him vanquished many foes.


Throughout Arthur’s life he searches for lost treasure, which him and his men believed could cure-all illnesses, and this was the ‘Quest for the Holy Grail’. But even though Arthur spent the majority of his life searching for the Holy Grail, he failed to ever obtain it.

Final Battle

Arthur’s final battle was at Camlan where bother Arthur and his nephew Mordred were both mortally wounded.  Arthur was then put on a boat to be floated down river to have his wounds treated to by three mysterious maidens.  Soon after King Arthur’s body was never found, showing that his final battle might have possible taken his life.


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