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Is Big Brother Really Taking Over?

1. These articles that we have had the chance to read are very interesting. The articles spoke of how people are constantly being watched one way or another. Some people are watched for safety reasons, such as being in the hospital for serious medical conditions or being watched in prison to make sure fights don’t break out. Instances like this are probably good for today’s society, but then you have people being looked at through their social media profiles. These networks are looked upon when people go to college or when they go to receive jobs and the employers have been known for firing employees because of this. In the article, Meet the Big Brother Screening Your Social Media for Employers, it was said that “Some 8% of companies have already fired social media miscreants” (par 3). The employers do this because of how hard jobs are to find. Some people take advantage of using the technology we have today for purposes that aren’t that serious or for reasons that are completely irrelevant to life itself. People are spied on because of jobs, fear of terrorism, or even just for the fun of it to another human being. The only way these articles show helpful ways of monitoring humans is for medical reasons because it would help save people’s lives. Even on Google, they keep a history tracker of everything you have ever searched for or done and store all the information you have ever put on there, just in case you are suspected of a crime or have committed one. There are also problems with the GPS systems on phones and pictures that are put online. They can give exact locations of where the photos were taken and even give your address.

This first link is a perfect example of how the GPS system on pictures work and on your phone.

There are ways to stop the GPS tracking and locating addresses from pictures. Go to this  second link and it will tell you how.

2. Some of these topics relate to the novel, such as when people are monitored by their reactions. In the article, Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You, “The software, Ms. Kaliouby said, allows for continuous, objective measurement of viewers’ response” (par 31). In 1984, Big Brother would watch to see how the people of Oceania reacted to things and could tell by watching the looks the people would make. Winston would say he had to be careful about the looks he made because Big Brother would know something was going on. A man and woman couldn’t even look at one another or speak without suspicion being produced. More wrote, “As they drifted down the crowded pavements, not quite abreast and never looking at one another, they carried on a curious, intermittent conversation[..]”(107). Winston knew it was unacceptable to look and speak to another woman that wasn’t his wife and their reactions to one another would give too much reason for Big Brother to suspect things.  Most things you do on the internet, you would think would just disappear, but that’s not true. Like 1984, Google keeps record of everything you do. People may not think it’s there, or think that it just goes away after you have been away from it for so long, but it doesn’t go anywhere. Just like the book, even if you forget it, it remains there until someone else says it doesn’t belong there anymore.

3. I think that these different instances of privacy being violated and all our information being stored has a huge impact on us. Plus the fact that different employers check on your facebook and twitter accounts to find out the type of person you are is probably the hugest impact there is on us today. It is scary to know that Google has records of everything you do and have ever done because of precaution to crime. It isn’t necessary to keep record of everything people do. Leslie Walker said in her article, Forgot What You Searched For? Google Didn’t, “Clicking on ‘Nov. 3’ produces a page listing all 27 queries I submitted while signed into Google that day. I’m not sure I’d want the government to see the ones on ‘panties’ and ‘underpants’” (par 10). She makes it clear that there some things the government shouldn’t keep track of because some of it can be personal to the people they are tracking.

On the other hand, the future could be better for the people if the government would focus more on the good things they could be doing to help benefit society. The mirrors that track patients and can read their bodies to make sure their levels are all good is a great idea. Also for the machines that would watch you when you get ready to leave the bathroom and remind you to wash your hands would be a great idea to help push the issue of personal hygiene. When the government wants to do things to benefit society, rather than go against society and turn us against it, is a better idea. They will progress easier if they would work with us rather than against us. The government would rather focus on the negative things than the positive things they could help us with.

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“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.”

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Coraline stars as a young, animated girl in both the self-titled book and movie. The book was written by Neil Gaiman and the movie is by Henry Selick. Coraline moves to a new home with her mother and father and soon finds this door, but has no key. Soon after she finds the key and opens the door to find nothing but bricks. One night she finds light coming from the door and she opens it, finding a tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel she meets the “other mother” and “other father.” She realizes that it’s an altered reality, but gets trapped within it. Coraline’s “other parents” try to convince her to let her sew buttons onto her for her eyes. Coraline then sees what mistakes she has made and tries to go home. Coraline then meets the “lost children” and is told that her real parents won’t be back, ever! The “other mother” allows Coraline to make her a deal risking her own life to find the eyes of the lost children’s souls and to be able to return home if she does so, but if she doesn’t she must have buttons sew on for eyes. 

The Villain

Coraline is faced with who she believes to be the nicest parent she has ever had. The “other mother”  makes Coraline feel at home in the altered reality. Coraline is even comforted by the “other mother” when her real parents would ignore her. Eventually the “other mother” begins to get pushy and demanding toward Coraline. As she tries to go home and not be a part of this other life, the “other mother” forces her to stay. She tells Coraline that she has taken away her parents and that she can never return home. Coraline proposes a deal that if she can find the eyes of the lost children’s souls that the “other mother” would have to set everyone free. it becomes an agreement but the whole way through, the “other mother” interferes with the tasks Coraline is trying to accomplish. 

The Journey

Coraline’s journey begins when she first enters the tunnel and finds the altered reality. Then she is forced to live in this world because her parents are gone. She then has to go on a hunt for the eyes of the “lost souls” for the sake of returning to her real home. As she goes through this altered life, she has three different places to look for the eyes. She must look through the garden where an oversized bug tries to keep her from taking the first set of eyes from the gardening machine and escaping. Next, Coraline must go to the “other spink and forcible” to find the second set of eyes which is a ring. The final place she must go is to the circus, which Coraline is faced with circus mice trying to prevent her from taking the third set of eyes which is a circus ball. She realizes that she isn’t going to be set free so she must find her parents and escape home. Her parents were hidden in a snow globe above the fire place, and Coraline steals it, and runs through the tunnel to return home. 

The Brains

Coraline is forced into this life that she was unsure about, and since she wasn’t allowed to go home, she had to use her smarts and wittiness to get there. For her to return home, she had to outsmart each person in the altered reality who tried preventing her from going home. The hardest one to outsmart was the “other mother.” When Coraline finds all of the eyes, and shows them to the “other mother,” she refusing to give them up until her parents are returned. She finds them in a globe on the fireplace and tricks the “other mother” into opening the door to the tunnel to her real life. Coraline guesses they are behind the door and says she wants proof that they aren’t there. When the “other mother” opens the door, Coraline grabs the snow globe, throws a cat at the “other mother’s” face and runs through the door because the “other mother” lost her button eyes. Coraline also realizes, after returning home, that she must get rid of the key that goes to the door for the altered reality. She throws the key into a well not far from the house to make sure the “other mother” and the rest of the altered reality would never return.


The Courage

Coraine knows little to none about the door she finds in the beginning but she is so curious and brave that she goes through, not knowing what is on the other side. Coraline is also very courageous because she goes to the other world and decides to risk her own life for the sake of others. No child would put themselves into a position like she put herself in. Coraline goes into a new world, faces a crazy “other family,” goes through three different tasks to find eyes that belonged to the lost children, and hunts for her parents. Children wouldn’t put themselves in danger like Coraline did, or attempt to go through things that she did because they would be too afraid of the outcome. For her to overcome her fear of the “other mother” because she is so selfless is a courageous act.

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by John Greenleaf Whittier

The firmament breaks up. In black eclipse
Light after light goes out. One evil star,
Luridly glaring through the smoke of war,
As in the dream of the Apocalypse,
Drags others down. Let us not weakly weep
Nor rashly threaten. Give us grace to keep
Our faith and patience; wherefore should we leap
On one hand into fratricidal fight,
Or, on the other, yield eternal right,
Frame lies of laws, and good and ill confound?
What fear we? Safe on freedom’s vantage ground
Our feet are planted; let us there remain
In un-revengeful calm, no means untried
Which truth can sanction, no just claim denied,
The sad spectators of a suicide!
They break the lines of Union: shall we light
The fires of hell to weld anew the chain
On that red anvil where each blow is pain?
Draw we not even now a freer breath,
As from our shoulders falls a load of death
Loathsome as that the Tuscan’s victim bore
When keen with life to a dead horror bound?
Why take we up the accursed thing again?
Pity, forgive, but urge them back no more
Who, drunk with passion, flaunt disunion’s rag
With its vile reptile blazon. Let us press
The golden cluster on our brave old flag
In closer union, and, if numbering less,
Brighter shall shine the stars which still remain.

16th, 1st month, 1861.

This poem best represents this period and the Civil War because it explains how hard they fought and what they were fighting for. As well as how many people died because they fought for what they felt was right. Plus they continued to fight after they watched their men die. Those men were beginning to get depressed by what they saw but knew they were there for a reason and wouldn’t stop until they won or all died. More than anything though, they wished and prayed that they could win, live, and have the most courage that any men could have. As long as they were brave and fought as hard as they could, they felt accomplished.

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Oath of Allegiance(Canada)

I, [name], do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.

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